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I'm attempting to scatter plants on a surface, aiming for a more "gardened" feel by distributing them using a noise map to cluster the foliage into patches. However, when I utilize the distribution map option, my foliage vanishes.

I've closely followed the method described in this post:, but my results differ. I've attached some screenshots of my setup for reference.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!:-)

Can you show us what it looks like without the distribution map? I am wondering because all I see is that one very large tree :) Scattering that, unless it was scaled down using transforms in the scatters, might not show very much especially if avoid collisions is on. But I suspect from the description you are scattering something smaller? Would be useful to see the other scatter settings and not just the settings for the distribution map (or perhaps upload a scene, you can always simplify it by using cubes to scatter so you don't have to share any tree or plant models that you aren't allowed to redistribute)

I'm also not able to reproduce this here. As Tom mentioned, it might be best to send us the scene or more info. If so, feel free to use the link in my signature below! ;)

Hey, Thank you for your answers. Unfortionately the filei was working on yesterday, could not be saved and when i returned to the office today, my computer restarted and the file was lost. Regardless, i tried to reproduce your attempt to reproduce my error and found that working with polys created in c4d did not reproduce this error. My imported geometry might be the cause of this error. I have re-drawn the geometry in c4d and it seems it works now:-)
Thank you very much!

Hi Leo,

Thanks for keeping us posted, we're glad to hear it's working for you now. :)


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