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Everyone too busy developing to update the roadmap as we go, sorry :) Never fear though, work is progressing just fine! PS and we will try and do better at keeping it updated.

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: Corona 10 Very Slow
« on: 2023-09-28, 16:38:23 »
There is a fix for the triplanar slowdown being tested in the Max daily build right now, with the aim to have this hotfixed in Corona 10 for Max and C4D soon (along with C4D 2024 compatibility, for the C4D hotfix).

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Light material and IES
« on: 2023-09-28, 15:26:45 »
AFAIK an IES profile is not something that would apply to such a shape anyway - an IES profile basically contains information on the light fixture that limits where the light can "escape" from the fixture. With an arbitrary shape as a light, this no longer applies, as there would be no way to understand how that fixture works around such a light. The solution would be - to model any geometry that would be constraining the light from going in certain directions.

Nope, no slow phasing out of Corona, just those pipelines have never been something Corona supports but V-Ray does (we're looking at pipelines used by VFX for example, for those where there are separate teams or even separate companies doing different parts of the pipeline, with end results that have be mastered for particular display devices etc.) Given that is what we mean, it most definitely is not 99% of our users :)

"(and Corona for some reason is archviz-first)" - that is always what Corona has been. It was built for that purpose, with Adam one of our founders coming from the archviz field with the insight that V-Ray did too much and an engine aimed squarely at archviz that removed the excess and was built for what archviz folks did daily would be much welcomed, with folks like Recent Spaces, The Boundary, AsymmetricA etc. being there as our testers and feedback cases for version 0.1 and onward. So it's not "for some reason", it is THE reason for Corona existing at all!

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: View LUT?
« on: 2023-09-26, 13:21:36 »
It can edit a sequence or batch using batch processing, so you can write for example a little script that will apply the same tone mapping or same lightmix to all images inside a folder and save them out to PNG, etc. What would be hard is animating those changes over a sequence :)

I'd suggest locking the viewport, there'd be no guarantee that the "other running version of Max" will have the same viewport set up so that might cause it to be randomly blending two different images. Not sure, as I always lock my viewport :)

Hi Mike!

Best thing to do is send me an email at with your contact email, in the understanding that I'd pass that along to the customer excellence folks who can answer questions on bulk purchases (this would be some one-off if it is even possible, which it might not be just to manage expectations - but that's why the need for a bit of one-on-one to discuss things).

On the question of streamlining purchase/renewal/management of licenses, it's something we (as Chaos overall) are aware of and considering what could be done to simplify that; but that isn't something available just now, sorry to say. Feel free in that email to pass along what you would view as an ideal solution, I can always send that in to the mix on how people would like to see it working.


[C4D] I need help! / Re: Interactive Rendering not working
« on: 2023-09-20, 18:46:42 »
Are you sure it is IR and not final render you have running? A screen capture video would help us see what you are selecting to be sure it's the right thing. Is it every scene, or just one? Which version of Cinema 4D and Corona (always important to mention that). Thanks!

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: LightMix malfunction
« on: 2023-09-20, 16:58:29 »
The intended workflow is to only use Autogenerate once you are fairly sure most lights are in your scene, and only make production changes to LightMix values once you are also sure that most lights are in there; then when smaller changes are made to lights in the scene (additions, deletions) LightMix can then be manually updated as that is easy to do for just a few lights, adding them to existing LightSelects or creating new ones. Reusing autogenerate will indeed overwrite values etc. so if still making major changes to the lights in the scene, best to avoid doing anything precise and final with the LightMix settings.

Another option if you do make production final tweaks to lights before finalizing the lighting in the scene, is to bake those values back into the scene, then you can use autogenerate again, and your previous changes were transferred from LightMix to the pre-existing lights.

We have it noted that some folks may want to do otherwise than these workflows, but there's no timeframe on if and when we might revisit that, sorry.

On our list, but no plans for a specific date (which makes Corona 11 unlikely for the fix)

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Help me please on a displacement!
« on: 2023-09-19, 16:37:25 »
It's not the only way, but is one of the most intuitive - but if mapping causes problems there are other solutions. First I can think of is combining the regular displacement map with the "special displacement" in some mix node like the Mixture shader, and sending the result into the displacement slot of the material. You could use the Corona Layered material too, as there are now options in there in how to handle blending displacements from different layers. You then have to control the positioning of the displacement via UV mapping though, which is what the Decal makes easier (and makes it easy to apply "just displacement" without having to duplicate underlying materials twice).

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Help me please on a displacement!
« on: 2023-09-19, 13:26:47 »
It is flat projection only at the moment, right - so depends how far round the bottle it has to go, if just a short amount the distortions would not be noticeable, but if it wraps around a lot, it would not be suitable. Curved decals is on the list for "future plans" btw but no timescale as yet.

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Mac M1 LOW POWER MODE bug lives on.
« on: 2023-09-19, 13:24:27 »
Did the scene that was slower on 10 use the Triplanar map?

[Scatter] I need help! / Re: Scatter Distribution
« on: 2023-09-18, 21:44:01 »
Can you show us what it looks like without the distribution map? I am wondering because all I see is that one very large tree :) Scattering that, unless it was scaled down using transforms in the scatters, might not show very much especially if avoid collisions is on. But I suspect from the description you are scattering something smaller? Would be useful to see the other scatter settings and not just the settings for the distribution map (or perhaps upload a scene, you can always simplify it by using cubes to scatter so you don't have to share any tree or plant models that you aren't allowed to redistribute)

Outside of the issue, to help speed along useful answers from us, please note this really needs to have been a separate thread as
a) It's not about Subsurface Scattering
b) It's not even about the Layered Material after all, but the Layered Shader, and the C4D native one rather than one of the Corona ones that blend maps together (according to the latest screengrab)

c) Information like "using projection set to texture" was important information

I think now we might have the information needed to investigate the issue, as now we know what the issue is :) Just things to bear in mind for the future, as this has meant we've been unable to look into what you are reporting through not knowing what is being reported, so we've been unable to help you until now.

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