3 features you want the most:

Geopattern-like tool ("texturing" objects with geometry)
30 (10.7%)
Cryptomatte (masking workflow)
18 (6.4%)
Sketch/Toon/Stylized shader
11 (3.9%)
Curvature map
8 (2.9%)
Dedicated CarPaint Shader
2 (0.7%)
Dedicated fabrics shader
15 (5.4%)
Decals workflow (placing independent textures on objects with a modifier)
37 (13.2%)
Render-time booleans (cut/slice objects)
8 (2.9%)
Adding own materials to Corona Material Library
10 (3.6%)
Lightmix extended to materials, textures, ...
18 (6.4%)
VR Scans compatibility
3 (1.1%)
Interactive rendering in 3ds max viewport (with gizmos, object selection, manipulation, ...)
6 (2.1%)
Rendering memory usage improvements
7 (2.5%)
Speed of rendering improvements
22 (7.9%)
Speed of interactive rendering improvements specifically
21 (7.5%)
GPU/Hybrid rendering
43 (15.4%)
Stability improvements (bug fixes)
7 (2.5%)
Improvements to caustics
14 (5%)

Total Members Voted: 109

Author Topic: The most wanted feature?  (Read 345636 times)

2020-08-29, 19:27:44
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Other suggestion:
Custom preset buttons for conf files in the VFB.

Described here: https://forum.corona-renderer.com/index.php?topic=25242.msg151575#msg151575
Logged as a feature request with a note that this would be also nice to have in LightMix tab and in the Corona Camera ui.

(Internal ID=371611685)

And here with maxscript:
Currently the only available workaround is using the Render Setup > Camera settings, which are accessible via maxscript.

Logged (everything: VFB maxscript access, saving/loading CONF, custom buttons).

(Internal ID=540083079)

2020-08-31, 08:49:21
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Added decals into the poll
Rendering is magic.
Private scene uploader | How to get minidumps for crashed/frozen 3ds Max | Sorry for short replies, brief responses = more time to develop Corona ;)

2020-08-31, 09:29:00
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I'm probably in a huge minority here but a nice optimized for ocean shader would be nice... As in one of my posts here on the forum, using refraction on huge areas of water simply doubles the render time in most scenarios :(


2020-08-31, 19:35:57
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Might be a stupid question, but is there any possibility of having an "Interactive Lightmix" but for Textures? Like how we can change the intensity and temperature of lights without the  needing to be rendered. I think it would be great to change textures on the fly like ILM.
Added into the poll. Also all vote counts were reset to 0 as usual for each release. We noted the results of previous period voting, and are planning to address the TOP 2 items (PBR material and tone mapping) in the next release.

Glad to see this being planned :) although, a little disappointed the expected release is one year from now :(

Planned release: Q2 2021

2020-08-31, 20:48:32
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Congrats on the final release!

Now, as every ungrateful client, I have yet another request, humbly:

Microdetail in bump like so:

2020-09-01, 00:55:50
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what do you think about "global albedo multiplayer"???

2020-09-02, 13:16:58
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Happy to see tone-mapping & PBR get the spotlight on!

I would like to see further Vray interoperability/support, at least 100perc. material/map wise.

I cast my third vote onto GPU/Hybrid though, because why not = ).
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2020-09-02, 15:28:52
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Cheap environmental fog aka aerial perspective atmospheric effect, please.

2020-09-02, 15:59:11
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This may have been mentioned before but we're pretty desperate for a Caustics Include/Exclude functionality, so we can easily limit caustics to appearing on specific objects.
Alex York

2020-09-04, 14:07:18
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Some love and attention for the well-aged, often postponed 2017 request for "Render-time booleans (cut/slice objects)" for us industrial animation folks would be amazing :)

Vray has been rocking that for years now and my colleagues always show it off while I'm stuck with Max's buggy slice modifier. Tyflow's 'tyslice' is better but nothing like what Corona could do!

2020-09-11, 09:43:11
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No vote for improved VFB? Stacking LUTs, ICC etc?

2020-09-20, 11:44:56
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Yuriy Bochkaryov

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ACES / OCIO / ICC support in new framebuffer with new tonemapping

It is also very important to be able to turn on caustics on only one object, now caustics are calculated automatically for the entire scene, from everything that has a reflection, and there are reflections even on leaves and grass - why waste resources on this?
there should be two modes for calculating caustics:
1) enable globally - when caustics will be counted at once on the entire scene from all objects
2) switching on individually - this will work only on those objects that I have marked, I do not need caustic from all objects in the scene, I want caustic only from the stele in my exterior, if caustic will be counted only from one or several objects I have selected, this is will greatly speed up its work and improve the result
we also have the ability to exclude / include objects for rendering caustics in Corona Light, but I work in exteriors and always illuminate with HDRI and then I cannot include / exclude some objects, I just don’t have that possible - there is no function to include / exclude and therefore, if I want caustic from glass or water or metal, then I have to count it on the whole stage, on everything that has a reflection, it turns out that caustic begins to be counted on both grass and fox trees and where I don't need it, but I wasting my time

I also want to be able to add texture in glare / bloom to get interesting beautiful effects, for example, fingerprints or dust on the lens, your new generator from Vray is good, but it has limitations, it will be much more convenient and faster if we can just load textures for the pattern as it has been for very many years in Maxwell render and MentalRay, just add a button for the texture

please add a Coating layer to the base shader - this will help you make machine paint, objects under varnish - for example, wood with a varnish layer applied on top, soap bubbles and much more
I don’t understand why this is still not there, this is a very important thing, around us there are 30% of objects that have such material in life - cars, wooden floors, wooden furniture, everything that has a transparent varnish coating
and no need to say that this can be done through the layered material that is now because this is not correct
the layer material mixes the shader, it has 100% and no more, that is, you can make 70% base material and 30% make a layer with reflections - but this is not correct, since the varnish is applied on top of the object, and not mixed, this is 100% of the material + on top of a layer of varnish, which gives reflections and has a thickness

There are a lot of ideas and I am ready to share them if you want to listen)
I would like you to add new functions faster, our life is not endless, we waited a very long time for the release of version 6, you developed much faster and listened to users better while you were free, now you are part of the chaos groups, we were promised that it would be good, additional funding and a large team will speed up and improve development, while unfortunately we see something completely different (
I hope that I will not have time to die of old age when all this will work in CoronaRender.
I still believe in you guys from the Render Legion! )

2020-09-25, 00:52:50
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It baffles me that we keep voting up speed improvements every single time instead of new features that make our jobs easier or more efficient. If you have a decent workstation its impressively fast already!
Would love to see lightmix layers for material and texture variants. What a game changer that would be for interior design clients and KBB.
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2020-09-25, 00:54:51
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A built-in solution for metals like Siger's complex fresnel would be fantastic. Also +1 for improved microbump for anisotropic and brushed metals.
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2020-09-25, 17:39:49
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It baffles me that we keep voting up speed improvements every single time instead of new features that make our jobs easier or more efficient. If you have a decent workstation its impressively fast already!

Ummm ..speak for yourself :)  Aannd... what is this "impressively fast" thing that you speak of ? I don't know what it means but it has a very nice ring to it.