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Shading issue

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Hi there

Just got something that doesn't look right to me. Can you check it out?

Thanks and have a good day

C4D R20
Corona 8
Win 10

Hi there, how should it look?

How it should look? I would expect a shading without issues. I think you have seen all these rectangles and triangles all over the place. None of them should be there.

Which still doesn't answer what it should look like - the Fusion shader is being used to map something onto the surface, but from your one image we can't tell what, nor how that should look mapped across the surface. Maybe send the material itself over so we can see what is going in to the Fusion shader.

Hi Tom

You can ignore these fusion shaders. I get the same shading issue when I have solid colors in Color/Gloss slots. And for Bump is only a single noise used.
The size of the rectangles and triangles are the same as the faces of my mesh. So It must be a shading issue.
So it has to do with Bump/Normal and the shading of it. It disappears when I deactivate Bump channel.

There is a zip-file under my first post,  you can download the scene.

Edit: Here is another screenshot. Only one noise shader in Bumb channel. Nothing else. I think it has to do with the size of the noise. In my case, it's only 2% world scale.


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