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I can't see this shader in C4D, hope we will get it soon.
Or did I miss something?

Where I found it:


It's only in Max for now, as we had to implement the whole of Scatter for the first time in C4D there were a couple of features that did not make it across just yet while we focused on getting the core features up and running.

thanks, it would be also great to be able to control the placement of scatter items via a grey scale texture, as this is possible via mograph.

so for example white would mean object 1, grey object2, black object3, etc, similar using greyscales for more objects etc.
scatter is a great, and nice and easy to use,  but yet mograph seems more powerfull in several areas.


Hi there, we've had requests not long ago about using vertex maps and other textures etc to assist with scattering options. These have been logged and we will look into it but no promises can be made at this time.
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Yes, and can you imagine how amazing scattering animation would look. ;)


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