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Corona Image editor crashes at quit OSX m1

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I noticed the image editor crashes when you quit it. I will use the editor after watching the video on light mix. Seems a handy app for co-workers here to to fine tune lighting after render.
Under Rosetta as well.

OSX 12.3.1
MacBook Air m1 16gb
CR v9.

Same issue here, on M1 and Intel machines, Mac OS 12.3.1 CR 9

Hi guys, if you're both getting crashes, can you please share some bug reports with us so we can look into it further? Once we have these I can add them to our internal report.

(Internal ID=894613192)

see attachment
don't know how to send you a file.

Here mine...
(I'm not on M1 machine...) not really boring for me, it pop out ONLY after quit.


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