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[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Re: Skin shader
« on: 2013-01-15, 00:22:48 »
Bigguns, nice to see you in here. I am doing a project with my Gf as an elven warrior. Using translucency and blurry refractions for soft shadows with a layered specular via a composite material. Its nowhere near as good as Vray, but with tweaking I could get a mentalray level out of it.
Will post at the weekend. Busy with work atm.

Gallery / Re: JSKR
« on: 2013-01-03, 20:29:04 »
Yeah, thats the one :P

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2012-12-24, 05:15:32 »
Hi all,

the most needed function for me is definitelly physically correct camera - ISO, shutter, lens etc.


Gallery / Re: JSKR
« on: 2012-12-07, 18:47:38 »
Thanks guys.
 Rawalanche - I could send you the file if you want to have a look at the settings. I think I had it set to two hours to clean up noise on the chair neck rest.
The dof noise is post.

Gallery / Re: JSKR
« on: 2012-12-06, 22:49:05 »
Is it bad?
 I am rigging it right now, but need to find a decent process for rendering the animation. Or a render farm, frame time is over 1 hour.

Gallery / JSKR
« on: 2012-12-06, 22:32:08 »
My first rendering done in Corona That I am happy with.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Big Ask...
« on: 2012-12-05, 23:44:32 »
Never worked , still flickers. The only way to do it is to use PT and set it to about 30 mins a frame and leave my pc on for a month.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Big Ask...
« on: 2012-11-25, 01:01:19 »
I am now rendering out nth frames and saving the HC cache. I am not sure what you do once its saved, does the PT get tinergrated into the cache and you can switch that off when rendering finals?
Also is there any way of animating the focus distance in Dof?

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Big Ask...
« on: 2012-11-25, 00:40:29 »
Would just PT not be able to do this in both solver slots?

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Big Ask...
« on: 2012-11-24, 23:10:11 »
I will try that. Its a long walkthrough so I am not sure how well it will work out, but I will render over night and see what I get in the morning.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Big Ask...
« on: 2012-11-24, 22:35:00 »
Ok maybe I should try to show you where I am stuck. I have tried PT primary  PT secondary and managed to get a good clean render with no flicker. But that was just an exterior object that was moving. I am not sure if this would work for an interior walkthrough. I did a test with PT primary and HC secondary, but was not too sure how to set it up to do the cache pass. What i got was pretty bad flicker. Any help would be hot. Will post  a scene if I can get some help.
Thanks in advance.

Gallery / Re: New interior
« on: 2012-11-24, 15:51:40 »
Really great work.

[Max] General Discussion / Big Ask...
« on: 2012-11-24, 14:11:45 »
Could some kind soul please document how to go about setting up an interior walktrhough using PT and Hd.
It would be a massive help to get me more upto speed.

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