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Noise in spherical renderings.


I have alot of grain in some spherical office renderings. Rendering at 10k x 5k. I can see in the elements that the grain is coming from ceiling lights. The lights are just regular corona plane lights and corona disk lights. The are set to NOT affect anything other than casting light. They are invisible.
The visible lights are LightMaterial in a separate element, no noise there.
The disk lights and plane lights are on separate elements. Noise in both channels.
I have a spherical image (8bit) as a background, no noise there. Just noise in the elements with corona lights.
Ive tried disabling displacement.
Ive reduced some diffuse values in response to Albedo having red in the pass. There's a couple of minor infractions left, but I saw no reduction in grain.
I am rendering for 1 hr using a 3990 (128 cores) and a DR node (5975). Should easy be clean, right?
Ive posted a reduced size render and a crop at 1/1. Its pretty bad.

Any help much appreciated!

What target was used, noise, passes, or time? What was the final Noise value reported?

I specified 30 passes. It took an hour and 5 mins or so. I didnt see the final noise reported (on farm). Looks pretty high though!

To be honest, 30 passes does not sound like many - could just be that for this size of render, that covers such a wide angle of view (so shows more than most), that more passes and therefore more time is required.


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