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Would it be possible to create Volume object/material mixer that gives you control to tweak the amount of "volume" in the object/material. I think it would be similar to how the the power of each different light can be tweaked in the frame buffer. It would be great if you could increase the "density" or color of said lighted volumes.

It would also be great to do this with the camera depth of field

[Max] I need help! / Corona "Hidden Line" - aka - Vray Toon
« on: 2018-05-15, 22:12:20 »
Is there a way to get a hidden line only render pass? This would be amazing! not a wire frame, but hidden lines only. It is very subtle, but very nice!


The materials posted @ for the Basic Set by Ludvík Koutný is missing texture files. Not sure if this is intentional but this images are not included with the downloadable .zip file.

Required asset file(s) could not be located:

[Max] I need help! / Daily Build 1.4r6 crash at Render Start
« on: 2016-05-13, 16:44:09 »
I have done my best to follow the instructions.

Here are the instrucions included
To make the builds work you need to locate suitable build, copy it into 3dsmax folder (so Corona_Release.dll or Corona_assert.dll goes directly into 3dsmax root where 3dsmax.exe is, and the two DLLs in "plugins" folder get copied into 3dsmax plugins folder). If you are doing this for the first time, you also need to copy the extra dlls from "!dlls into 3dsmax root - update xxx" directly into the 3dsmax folder (or have the latest stable alpha installed). Also installing x64 version of is highly recommended.

1. Install stable version of corona (1.3)
2. Activate
3. Paste 1.4r6 into root 3dsmax
4. install ( i unselected clean previous versions)

its says the Corona_release.dll should be in my 3dsmax root folder which it does by default it seems.
the instructions say  "two DLLS in "plugins" folder get copied into 3dsmax plugins folder." However i dont see a folder labeled "plugins" in the corona dropbox.

5. paste .dll files from <!dlls into 3dsmax root - update 29.04.2016> into root 3dsmax

6.start 3dsmax, activate license render: CRASH!

3dsmax 2016, windows 7, i76700k 

please help, any ideas? maybe i am overthinking everything?


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