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Looks like you have set up a lightmix for our scene.

This will create a CShading_LightSelect element for each of your lights/groups etc. and then name it as such.

As long as you have saved all of your lighting changes to your scene (check the lightselect tab on the frame buffer, all should be set to 1.0) then you won't have any problems.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: VFB Save button default path
« on: 2024-04-11, 16:40:38 »
I think it may be the case if you change the path after opening max, but if you open a file where the output is already set then it seems to default to the location of the max file rather than the existing render output.

Could be something funny in my ENU causing it but if I get time I'll try to test on a couple of different machines in our office.

[Max] Feature Requests / VFB Save button default path
« on: 2024-04-11, 10:18:56 »
Hey Devs!

Currently it seems the VFB's save button defaults to the same path as the max file that you're working on.
Would it be possible (or beneficial?) to use the current render output filepath instead?
I sometimes will disable "save render output" for test frames and still want to save out a test to the same location.


Nice one, cheers Marcin!

Perhaps a warning could be added to the daily builds thread stating that there is an issue with cameras?


looks like you can use the same cache for each camera but will need to pre-calculate the entire sequence

It doesn't exactly help with parsing information but under Performance\Development Experimental there's the "Show Memory Report" which will at least tell you which objects are using the most RAM.

I sort of requested this in the past on this thread:

Hopefully something will come of it!

Sorry for the slow reply piotrus3333!

I must admit I'm not very knowledgeable on the process of creating LUTs from resolve.
Would it be a case of using Resolve's CST's to go from linear to AgX and exporting that as a LUT?

I'd definitely like to explore this more - we've been using your AgX LUT pack for a while now and have been getting some great results.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: New Unified UV Tile Control map
« on: 2024-04-09, 10:13:44 »
Is this not the same as the "multi output channels" that was added a version or two ago?

With Corona Triplanar/UVWRandomiser/ColorCorrect you can add additional inputs so that all bitmaps run through the same map

[Max] I need help! / Re: My corona render is black or blue
« on: 2024-04-08, 15:10:29 »
Damn, even the educational license is cheaper than I expected! Although for students it would be nice they were able to license the software monthly rolling instead of being tied into an annual license.

@Lycky777 could it be worth asking your tutor if there is a license that you are able to use at home?

Failing that, the Corona trial is...pretty generous

Have you tried Corona ShadowCatcherMtl and setting the Alpha mode to "For Compositing"?

I had another play around with this today and discovered that a CoronaLegacyMtl renders the RawComponent (diffuse) correctly, but the CoronaPhysicalMtl does not.

I've attached a couple of renders to illustrate the issue as well as each version overlayed on top of each other, set to "difference" blending mode.

BTB_PhysMat.jpg and BTB_LegMat.jpg are the final comps, the issue is present but not hugely visible.
It's more clear in the RawDiff images.

My apologies, wrong screenshot attached originally.

Correct one on this post. I've also included a screenshot showing the "expected" result, which was achieved by rendering with a grey override material and using the CShading_RawComponent (set to diffuse) element from the override render.

Hey all, we're currently looking into using render element compositing/back-to-beauty workflow as a means of being able to swap out textures on a product without having to re-render.

The issue that we're running into is that we can't get a "clean" diffuse component element (i.e. purely lighting, no texture information) to work with as the CShading_RawComponent (set to diffuse) still includes the texture detail.

Comparitively, the VRayRawLighting render element only includes lighting information and can be multiplied over the diffuse filter element to obtain a RawLighting element (or the math works backwards too).

Am I missing a trick here or is this just the way that Corona is set up?

For reference I'm setting the comp up in Blackmagic Fusion with 32bit exr's. Attached is a sample of the comp layout.


Does the CShading_SourceColor render element achieve what you're looking for?

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