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Candy Intruder


Here my final version of this image ( the wips are on Wip Area). :)

    Original image rendered with 6K Width.
      Corona V5. I got some crashes during the hi-res render using the V5 RC, but i guess there´s something with memory. But on the other hand, i have 32Gb of ram... A couple of times the render crashed on the Parsing step, but i just close and open the project again (Clean memory) and it render ok. ;)

       PT + HD Cache.

Have you tried assert build?


--- Quote from: Keymaster on 2013-06-10, 00:38:49 ---Have you tried assert build?

--- End quote ---

    Yes. Sorry, i forgot to mention, the first time i got those crashes i thought it was something irrversible, then i tried the Assert Build and everything worked ok, in this meantime a new Alpha5 RCx was released and i´ve installed the "Release version", open the project and the crashes are gonne, but after some Renders (over shading process) the crash occured again, but i´ve discovered that just opening Max again, and the maxfile again and render it, it runs ok. Then i did not re-installed Assert version again... But using it seems to be more stable.


   One more Award/FrontPage (Gallery) on 3DTotal for me (and Corona). Tnks again Ondra ! :)
      Let´s push Corona more and more to the buzz. ;)


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