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I want to create map looking similar to f.e. this one:

This is simple irregular plane, on which i want to create density/scale map for corona proxy. Map must have specyfic black/grey line or gradient around edge of plane. Problem is, width of this line must be f.e. 5cm in real scale. Map above was created using corona radius edge map. It is perfect, cause i can set width i want. Problem is this map doesnt work as density/scale map in proxy, so i cant us it. Is there another way i can create such map? Doing it in PS is in my opinion not good idea, cause how to set 5cm edge gradient on very large area, f.e. 100+m?

I would go with vertex colours for this. Here's how to do this:

* select distribution object
* enter polygon element mode
* select all polygons
* inset them by required amount (5cm in your case)
* hold shift while entering edge element mode
* chamfer selected edge by small amount
* enter border element mode and select outer edges
* hold ctrl while entering vertex element mode and press grow selection one time
* assign selected vertices black vertex colour
* last step: assign CScatter density slot vertex color map.
Here ya go! Happy rendering.

Thank You for good advice. I found even quicker solution based on your method.
After inseting polygons, select object and run soulburn script/ConvertEdgeToVertexMap.

Ahhh, good old soulburn script pack - real 3ds max swiss knife. It's a shame that i constantly forget to use it, though :]


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