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Trailer: The Capybaras Rebelion

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Hi there,

As i dont see  a lot of animation done with corona, i wanna show You guys and girls this trailer i made lately.
All scene was rendered with corona, with default setting, and 15-30 passes each frame.
With lots of 16k textures and lots of geo. Corona managed to render frame for 2-3 min in 1080p, where 1 min was just parsing the scene. And i just love that.

I composed passes with nuke with diffuseGi, reflectGi and refractGi. In my opinion it was sufficient since i am not a big fun dividing it even further.
I oslo used coronaMask, and UVW pass. And would love to see velocity pass in next relese since ive done post-motionblur.

All scene setup was based on hdri(with erased sun, and gamma slightly lowered ) and corona sun, for sharp shadows.

I am also a arnold user and i wolud love to see same sss model in corona as arnold have.

Cheers, and Thanks guys for developing such a wonderfull renderer.

PS. Sory for my poor linguistic skills.


A W E S O M E!

Amazing, no more words.

Ludvik Koutny:

Ludvik Koutny:
I wonder how was all the particles and volume effects done...  But i am literally just stunned still with my jaw on the desk.


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