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Hi guys.

I tested Corona in a scene made ​​for a job.
it's a crop because i can't post entire image.

Great engine, amazing speed/quality.

there is a small problem on the curtain, (white point)

cpu Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5420 @ 2.50GHz

resolution: 2000x2000 PT+HD cache

Time: 1h2m

Post: Photoshop

Very nice !!!
     Those wrinkles on the couch are displace or mesh ? And what about the "carpet", it´s entire modeled ?! Great level of realism.

thanks kumodot :)

then.. wrinkles and carpet are all modeled..

here you can find a couch

Why do you have some white point on the curtain? =)

eh.. :)  I don't know .. maybe some problem with the material.
happened only in this scene.
as soon as possible I try to debug the scene.

have you seen this problem in your test?


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