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Hi everyone!
My specs i9-14900k, 32ram 5600mhz ddr5, 512ssd, gtx1060
I just started to convert my scenes into HTC VIVE format and other VR using and other services, but now I have a general issue. It seems the engine or something else are broken.
12:6 format cubemap 18000-1500px rendering at full capacity and takes around 1h. But with spherical 8000x8000 the rendering seems broken and show thousands of hours to proceed.
The most interesting thing that the same format spherical 4000x4000 rendering estimates well.

I always used the same settings- pass -200or300 - noice level 2.0

Any suggestion?

What does RAM usage look like?

8 000 x 8 000 is about 2,4 times more pixels than 18 000 x 1500. More pixels needs more RAM to render. 32 GB is most likely not enough to render 8K resolution output. If your system is running out of RAM, then it either will crash, or start using swap file on your disk, which is thousands time slower than RAM, therefore huge estimated time actually makes sense. You have several options how to solve this issue, a. add more RAM (64 GB is considering minimum for rendering with Corona these days), b. reduce output resolution until scene will fit to available RAM, c. try to optimize the scene (remove all unnecessary render elements, bake and delete lightmix, reduce textures resolution, close all unnecessary programs while rendering).

Thank you.
Ram almost full 30/32

Are you sure that 64 do the trick? I could even buy 128gb.BUT I don't want spending money for nothing.

so any recommendation for better usage and image method? Are the cubemap 1536p superior nowadays for top end vr headsets?

I guess you could just increase render size in steps and see where it 'breaks' and what RAM consumption looks like when it happens.
I've rendered out bigger spherical images with 64GB RAM so most likely yes, it is RAM and 30/32GB probably means it's at the limit. When this happens you should also see the OS becoming slow to work with, freezing for a few seconds etc.


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