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windows glas composting

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Can anyone help me further? I would like to know what is the optimal workflow for interior renderings for composting. If I deactivate the rendering of the refraction part for the sky, I miss this part for all objects in the image. Is it possible to switch off the refraction part only for the window glass so that I have no problems later in Photoshop. I.e. window glass black without sky plus alpha.

What would be the optimal workflow for this?

Many thanks in advance.

James Vella:
Do you mean propagate masks through refraction (on the glass material)?

Thank you very much for your answer! The alpha is already correct. I already knew that. I'm more concerned that I have the white sky in the RGB image. For compositing, however, it would probably be better if the sky were not included in the RGB at all. See screenshot. But maybe I'm doing something wrong. I usually get white boarders when compositing in Photoshop. But maybe I'm doing something wrong there too. What is the optimal workflow to merge the windows perfectly with an image in Photoshop. If I hide the sky in the refraction part it would work better for compositing. My problem is that the sky is then missing in every refraction object in the scene. For Example Glasses on a table. Not only in the window glass.

James Vella:
Well in that case you could just use a Direct Visibly override in the render settings, let me know if that works for you.

I have tried it. I think what I want can only be achieved by rendering twice :-(! But I actually wanted to avoid that. I also found a setting in the glass material. Unfortunately, the refractive part of the sky is also missing in the glass.


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