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Volume Material - How to add the steam to god rays in a bathroom scene

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Hello all,

Im trying to create an atmosphere in a bathroom that im not achiving it.

The idea was to show that the bathtub was with hot water at the same time the sun was coming from the window, resulting in this effect.

I can get the the god rays coming from the window but my main difficulty is, how to i add the steam to this god rays, without doing it in Photoshop.

I attach a reference image (done in firefly) just to show a quickly what my main goal was.

Thank you very much for your time and help!

Hi there,

Please see this article for more info on this atmospheric effect :)

I would approach the steam using a VDB file.  There are many out there and you can buy packs like this (some animated, some stills):

You'd have to play with the settings a bit to make it more steam like and less smoky, but that can be achieved.  Take a look at this:


Thank you very much you all !

For now im tryng using only volume material,but if i see that it would not be possible i will try pyro and volume grid.

In will attach to show the actual situation.

My doubt is, to achieve that cloudy look, should i model a similar cloud and then apply the volume material to it?

Once again thank you for your time and help

Shouldn't need to model a "cloud shape" with geometry if using some simulation - the containing object (the vol grid) will just be a cube of some sort, and the openvdb info inside takes care of the shape of the cloud.


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