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Incorrect colors on VFB x Pic Viewer RC3

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--- Quote from: Beanzvision on 2023-12-04, 07:29:06 ---
--- Quote from: rafaz on 2023-12-01, 13:18:16 ---seems like it is the same problem!

I just noticed they release the final version and I guess it didn't get fixed.

--- End quote ---
Well, not everything can be magically fixed a few days before a major release ;) We do have it logged and I'm sure it will be addressed.

--- End quote ---

Not sure why the sarcasm here.

We don't have the changes notes between rc3 and final version this makes impossible to know if it got fixed or not. Also last response we got from you in the other tread  was that it was working fine, there were not mention about loging whatsoever.


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