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@marchik, we already have such map - MappingRandomizer. You just need to enter the same values in From and To fields and you will have perfect UV transform map. And since multiple inputs is promised for MappingRandomizer, i think that covers your request 100%

I recently updated to the combo 3ds Max 2024 + Corona 11 (from Corona 9) and I am glad this feature has been implemented.

In day-to-day use I have experienced 2 behaviours that I believe can be improved (maybe they are bugs). I am not sure if this falls onto the Corona side or the 3ds max side, but here it goes:

1. Say I have connected a Corona Bitmap to a CoronaColorCorrect node and that to the Base color slot of a material. If I add an output to the ColorCorrect node, the 1st one disconnects (it should stay connected).

2. Connect a Corona bitmap into the Base Color slot of a material. Create a ColorCorrect node (dont connect it to anything yet) and give it 1 additional output. Drag a wire from its output to the wire connecting the bitmap to the material. It should get in between the bitmap and the material, keeping the connection, but it doesn't.

AFAIK both issues are related to the updated slate editor in Max 2024. Devs are well aware about them and i believe they are working on the solutions.

I realized someone would have pointed them out by now! Thank you.


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