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Gamma and linear workflow

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I recently discovered the Corona. After some tests, I decided to try it for one small commercial project, but faced with the problem of scale. The bottom line is that I need to color, which I assign the material editor was the same in render buffer, where color is specified in the linear RGB.
For example, in V-Ray for this is special linear workflow button, i can select color linearly but render is in the range of gamma 2.2. Similarly, the works in Maxwell Render. The question is this. I usually use Maya and 3d max'm not a great expert,How I need to setup gamma in 3ds max + corona render
Thank you!
Sorry for bad English, I used a translator from Google to translate text from Russian.

P.S.In Russian corona(корона) makes sense as a crown, headdress for kings :)

I am not sure what exactly are you trying to accomplish, but you should check the "affect color selectors" checkbox in 3dsmax Gamma&Lut settings, it is probably it.

Ludvik Koutny:
Yes, make sure your LWF is set up correctly in 3ds Max preferences.

Then you can simply use color picker in Max color window to pick the exact color you need :)

You can open the image with desired color for example in Max's RAM player and pick it from there ;)

I'm sorry that I can not clearly explain the situation.
For example, you follow the link to the site and want to use the color in the RAL 1000, you write your specialist 3D graphics that such walls in the room should be in RAL 1000 or RGB 190-189-127. But in the range of 2.2 to 3d max enter these values ​​you will not RAL 1000 and lighter and do not give a true option.
In other words I want without tweaking set color RGB 190-189-127 3d max and render it to get it in a linear sense, but he was going to render so that gamma 2.2
Sorry for my bad English

I doubt anyone will understand you. Maybe try posting some images of your problem. Generally, the output diffuse colour is dependant on stuff like lighting, I don't get it.


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