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Off topic, I know. But this is my fav forum and I know you lot are super smart, away from the Corona world too...

I'm wondering if anyone knows how I can script an action to toggle OFF snaps when I provide a hotkey.

I can TOGGLE snaps easily enough with a script, but I want to disable (aka turn off) snaps even if it's already off. The problem with the toggle is that if I press my hotkey it might turn it on when I actually want it off.

The purpose of this is that I want to combine an "Unhide all" with Toggling snaps OFF so my heavy scenes don't freeze up when I unhide a lot of geometry.

I hope this is clear! Thanks for any tips.


--- Quote from: aaouviz on 2021-02-04, 11:10:56 --- but I want to disable (aka turn off) snaps even if it's already off.

--- End quote ---

Seems like you need just ""?

Good Luck

Right you are sir! Big thank you!

(Though, I swear I did try this... must have got some combination of it wrong somewhere.)

Thanks again.

Hi hi,

Another maxscript related question seeing as you answered the last so well :)

I want to turn off a specific layer (the layer is called 100_SS) with a simple little MaxScript

I know this must be possible, but my maxscript skills are not quite up-to-scratch...

Thanks in advance!

try this:

--- Code: ---((layerManager.getLayerFromName "100_SS")).ishidden = true
--- End code ---


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