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[solved] Can't pick CScatter objects


hey there,
im quite new to corona in 3ds max, ive previously worked with c4d but switched my operating platform now.
anyhow im trying to get scattering work for a project and somehow i am unable to make it work since i cant select any objects at all.
its neither possible to select distibuted objects nor to select instanced ones... its a bit frustrating ngl.
anyone who can help me out?
thanks in advance,



This doesn't work for you? Press on the image to see animation.

unfortunatly not.

at leastr when i am leftclicking on  the + symbol it wont work, am i using the wrong keys? :D

It looks like you didn't create Corona scatter  object yet. You need to create it first (draw in a viewport), then go to command panel's modify tab and everything should work as expected.


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