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3Ds Max+Corona Scatter Convert to Geometry shifts objects randomly

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Not sure why it is doing this, but every time I convert a corona scatter to geometry (in order to export the scatter pattern as an FBX), it shifts all objects a tad bit.

I've tried adjusting all instanced object pivot points. I've tried cleaning up normals on distribute-on object. Can't seem to find a reason why this would happen. Help!

Images attached of simplified example using a cylinder as a distribute-in object and a modified tea-pot, box and sphere as instanced objects.

Did you try to reset transforms of instanced objects?

Well now I just feel silly. how did I not think of that? It fixed the whole issue.

Thanks, Romullus

Glad to help you!

By resetting transforms you mean the Reset Xform option? I don't see why this would be necessary. Will definitely look into it.


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