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Grate workz!!! Congratz!!!!

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--- Quote from: Ondra on 2019-06-19, 23:22:43 ---yeah, sharing free stuff is often thankless job. For example when I donate to free software I use, I often get surprised responses like "wow, somebody actually did it" :D. Since we cannot change how this works, the only other options are to either stop doing this, or game the system. Most free stuff shared online is part of some bigger plan, e.g. software developer trying to get more people to use their software, educators showing off their skills, artists building personal brands, etc.
If you just want to know that you are making a difference, I would recommend putting in something simple such as "If you play with the scene, I would *LOVE* to see what you create, my email is xyz".

--- End quote ---

I see your point, yes, I suppose it was a bit out of purpose. Thanks

I actually think you misunderstood the question. From what I understood, maru just wanted to know under which terms the scene and all assets inside it can be re-used. A fair concern in my opinion, especially for a free giveaway training scene that people can freely download and play with.

Yes it was a fair question, it's just that I wasn't aware of all the implications, first time sharing smth for free

Thread has been cleaned from off-topic discussions. From this point please stick strictly to the topic. If you have something to say not directly related to gallery commenting recommendations, please consider creating separate thread in according board. Thank you.

@Evalery - as Houska explained, my only concern was what exact license your scene is released under so that our team and other users would know. This is very important and often neglected by the creators. For example one can say "you can use this for whatever you wish, even without any kind of credit" (basically CC0 license) but also "you can use this for your images but always include my website address in a clearly visible place" or "you can use this only for personal tests", etc, and it's the user's obligation to find out what the specific license is. I asked this to clarify this for other forum users, and also in case we could use your scene for our tests and showcasing Corona features (obviously with proper credits!). So actually the main reason was that I was impressed with your work and wanted to clarify what the exact licensing is.
Sorry for the confusion, I will try to remember to include similar information in the future. I was not aware it could be misunderstood.
Thank you for your contribution. We are always happy to see the community grow in any way! :)

As to women in archviz and CG in general - I always find their works different (in a completely positive way!) and it's actually very hard for me to define this difference. Maybe women pay more attention to detail? I am not rally sure, but I can definitely spot it in the works of other female users here (there are actually quite a few examples on this forum). Why is there such disproportion between men and women in archviz? I don't really know. Maybe it's because guys are more into computer / technical stuff? (but is that really true?)

Fully agree with Maru´s last three sentences and I think we should maybe accentuate our female colleagues´ works more often.

Just "returned" from 3dsky one minute ago. Lots of great work with a special sense for detail comes from the ladies in the 3D business.
If you find - for example - outstandingly detailed 3D plant sets with hyper-detailed peonies, you can be sure it´s been made by a female artist.
A guy´s head would have exploded from having to be so patient while modeling. :))))


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