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[Max] General Discussion / "Rough AO"
« on: 2019-08-05, 10:49:49 »
Hey there.
I recently came across the excellent collection. In there, besides your typical maps is something called "rough AO", a green-pink colored AO map.
I have never seen it in use and can't find any reference for it.

Can someone enlighten me on what it is supposed to do?
Like here:

I guess you could use it as pink = dirt, green = wear/tear in you shader, but I don't see how this is different from getting that info from a normal AO map, based on a threshold. Maybe this skips over having to define a threshold by getting the red/green channel respectively?

[Max] Bug Reporting / Nitpick station
« on: 2019-05-14, 18:43:31 »
With Mantis gone, you can't report trivial stuff with minimal priority.
This thread serves as a nitpick collector, for stuff literally no one cares about...
No dev should waste time fixing this, but the intern needs to do something after all...

  • IR Max passes setting has zero as the default value, even though the default is 50. Right-clicking Max Passes should set it to 50, not 0
  • Opacity textbox in the CoronaColorCorrect Map, LUT category, is too far right, it draws over the border of value box's left side.
  • Valuebox for Hue in CoronaColorCorrect is lower than the it's "row", making the hue text appear too high and makes the spacing uneven.
  • Text for Dropdown for Render Setup->Camera->Shape: is not vertically (too low) alligned with it's dropdown. Below shown the correct allignment.
  • Interacting with dialogs under LUT makes a small black box appear in the dropdown menu
  • Disabling LUT greys the filename field, but not it's dropdown arrow (also black box is back again)

[Max] I need help! / Random image sequence start frame
« on: 2019-04-11, 06:27:23 »
Hey there,

I have many looping animations (greenscreened video as image sequence) of people in an audience, that is supposed to go on planes in the background.
It looks awful if many people do the same motion. So I would like the frame the animation starts on randomized.

Right now I copy paste the 3dsMax bitmap with the image sequence, manually change start frame and pipe that into CoronaMultiMap.

Is there a way to do this automatically? Maybe through MaxScript?

[Max] Corona Goodies - User Contributions / WoodKitty
« on: 2017-08-03, 16:34:58 »
Have 3D scanned a wooden Kitty statue via photogrammetry with a OnePlus One as camera some time ago. Thought that I might as well share it.
Neither mesh nor UVs are particularly clean, but as a background object it does the job.
50k polys.
Comparison shot to the real thing in attachments.
Bump map brings out some good detail.

General CG Discussion / Electricity Bills
« on: 2016-08-13, 18:46:05 »
moved out of my parent's house a good while ago and the electricity bill came in two years later for the previous year.
The electricity provider paid back 1000€ for the new and lowered power consumption of the last year. The current running gag is "kick your kids out, get a grand back!"
Overclocked fx-8350 room heater and another PC running 24/7 made quite a difference.

Out of curiosity: How is everyone's electricity bills? Have you made any hardware changes or other changes in general to specifically lower power consumption?

[Max] I need help! / Complex Fresnel vs Diffuse Color
« on: 2016-06-12, 23:33:42 »
I heavily use (like many others here) Siger's Complex Fresnel for realistic Metals.
Metals are ment to have 0 RGB Diffuse, unless you want rust and grime mapped over it.

However, due to how Complex Fresnel works, it reveals the diffuse influence at certain angles, meaning now Diffuse Color actually does influence how the metal looks. Make it white, its brighter, 0 RGB and its darker.

How is it meant to be properly used?
0 RGB like always?
1 RGB to prevent energy being swollen artifacts?
Default Grey?

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Cubemap VR format
« on: 2016-05-04, 09:21:50 »
60%+ of the latlong format renders floor and ceiling, which are the rarest looked at and take up most of the image.
Converting to Cubemaps via converter is an option, but sampling the ceiling and floor so much only to crush it away in a converter is painful.

Cubemaps became a standard now for VR.

The DrServer as windows service thread by Frood was moved to resolved, since --noGui was added. While this is great and hides the DrServer, it still starts a cmd instance to call 3dsmax and the 3dsMax render window.
This is not a complete noGui function.

Using Frood's nssm method you can make it true Silent with no windows whatsoever.

As such, it would be great if this functionality could be implemented fully, if not it is actually not that important, since Frood's method works like a charm.
No issue really, just wanted it noted.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / 2D Velocity Pass
« on: 2016-04-12, 13:46:05 »
ReelSmartMotionBlur and AfterEffects both expect normalized image space motion vectors, as such only Nuke users or people who use 3dsMax's internal vector motion blur benefit from Corona's Velocity pass.
Is it possible to implement a 2D Motion Vector pass aswell?

I have yet to find a conversion application, so I gotta beg for Motion vector pass in 2D here.

Also concerning the current Velocity pass... the pass is supposed to be used with no AA, as such it should default to no filtering, also Filtering produced bullshit results with edges, that actually converge to an edge artifact and don't get better with more passes.
Under certain angles the edge (material indipendant) produces this black edge, which will ruin motionblur, as it currently defaults to AA on.

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Ctexmap Denoise
« on: 2016-04-08, 22:47:30 »
Ambient Occlusion is a fake by nature and produces mostly smooth gradients. But we sample these smooth gradients with pixel sized rays, which is accurate, naive and slow for what it actually does.
Having the ability to denoise AO would be simply awesome. AO implementation are 100% all naive outside of Videogames, where they have a filter applied.

Is it possible to run Denoise on Ctexmap aswell? Maybe as a hidden option?

[Max] Resolved Bugs / LightLister and dead links
« on: 2016-03-23, 12:51:39 »
the lightlister script by ecximer [,7209.0.html ] has been dead for quite some time now, due to the provider of the website closing the site or the domain.
I bumped the topic in the hopes some mod would reupload it, but the official corona website [ ] and the forum all still list dead links of that website.

Ohh, I didnt notice in small letters an new version is linked, ohh dear thats dumb, but the highlighted links still point to the dead site.

Also in the official site's plugins and scripts section:
  • MultiScatter, MultiScatterTexture and MultiScatterMask and different version numbers imply different products but all point to
  • VrayHDRI points to a dead link and is being redirected to the official help site, which shows a showreel, not vrayhdri
  • VrayPhysicalCamera points to a dead link and is being redirected to the official help site, which shows a showreel, not vrayhdri
  • NYX DBR just points to the author's site, which has couple of stuff and it's not clear what you reference
  • GeoMaps link is dead and redirects to the homepage
  • Corona Material Presets Pro link is JUST DEAD

edit: Corona's light lister facebook post is the thrid "Corona light lister"-google result and links just the old thread, which links to the new dead thread, maybe change aswell...:

It would be nice, if the viewport representation of the RayswitcherMtl would be drawn from the material in the direct Override slot,instead of the GI slot.
Logic being, that what you put in directly visible should be the thing shown in the viewport.

I use Rayswitcher constantly, often with a corona light mtl in GI override slot, but a selfillum Corona mtl in direct.
Thus all these materials appear as black in the viewport, which is not desirable.

RGB TGA works great. Saving the TGA in Grayscale mode to save space with masks is misinterpreted by Corona Bitmap.

I reported a while back the broken grayscale as PNG save option for AO passes. Was fixed in 1.3
Now this seems a similar issue. Only this time instead of being black it's a RGB split color mess.
It's an old and shitty format, but still.

Grayscale tga + Corona Bitmap = garbage

I presume this is not a bug, but not implemented yet:
Loading in an image sequence loads the .ifl as just black.
Currently working with 20+ Computer screen materials, which are animated with an image sequence.
Dunno how much Bitmap vs Corona Bitmap impoves in terms of speed, but still it would be nice to streamline it.

god damn hivemind,10845.0.html

Work in Progress/Tests / Game renders
« on: 2016-01-12, 02:56:10 »
Imported scenes from the steam mod NEOTOKYO°, having fun playing around with heavy stylized renders.
Extra dirty and aweful colors. Green/yellowish lights.

Animated japanese Billboards look awesome in this setup. Hope to get around to rennder out an animated version.

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