Author Topic: CoronaMix incorrect viewport state after re-opening scene  (Read 1044 times)

2017-10-17, 02:34:33


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When using CoronaMix node ( for example in my use LinearAdd, where top layer is highpassed map and lower level is albedo color ) with the togglebox "show in viewport" (doesn't matter if it's done at node level, or the whole shader level), the shader doesn't retain this state after re-opening the scene, or 3dsMax session.

What happens instead, is that it shows some random color (or maybe there is some logic behind that color, but I haven't been able to deduce it). Toggling "show in viewport" (which does remain checked, just with this bug) off and on again, doesn't correct it, but returns this color again. Once again, doesn't matter if togging on/off happens on shader level on node level only.

What fixes it, is going into top layer of CoronaMix node, toggling on/off said particular bitmap loaded there, and then going back and toggling the node or shader, and it works again.

This makes CoronaMix node unusable in Diffuse slot because the shader won't look correctly in viewport after reloading 3dsMax session.

This issue doesn't require particular scene, I've been able to make it in different Max versions and it happens in empty scene as well. But in my case, 3dsMax 2016.  Website and blog   Our studio Behance portfolio
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2019-01-13, 15:57:07
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