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[Max] General Discussion / Polarization [filters]
« on: 2014-02-19, 21:55:54 »
I always kind of wondered, if this effect was simulated in-render by any renderer. Wasn't really able to search out anything on it.
Some of the effects of polarizing filter in photography can be of course achieved, atleast on surface visually, in post-production, but not all of it,
is it affects reflections quite a lot.

Seems there is very little interest on it, not sure what I am missing. Seems to be imho great contributor in pleasing photorealism.

Free models created by us. They are free to use commercially, no credit required (although appreciated)
Hope you’ll find good use to them.

All of these are in Corona render engine, but some also offer Vray version, but for future I won’t be offering it since I work only with Corona for more than 2 years now so we don’t use it anymore.
FBX or .OBJ is always attached for other engines but you have to create your own materials with attached textures.

Gallery / Icelandic coastal house
« on: 2013-11-20, 22:41:05 »
We decided to post occasionally the projects we like the best. And we've grown to like this one a lot. It has interesting background, because we started building the project up from scratch including the architecture to illustrate our upcoming free tutorial, same as last year with Parisian apartment and bed tutorial.

After quick start, since the time is spare between our commercial projects, this project turned commercial as well, and series of images were created to illustrate lighting from Phillips Ambilight/Hue and start-up company GetGoldee. I've decided not to post these, but instead continue month later for few days and revisit this project, add up detail here and there, and move the project to into cloudy overcast weather mimicking our current mood.

Lighting was done using CG-Source HDRi, modified to my needs, and the night was done using mixed HDRi of the same CG-Source, combined with night sky of Peter Guthrie's 2003.

Furniture is all custom modelled with few exceptions (chair is from 3dSky), the sofa and bed is created in Marvelous by Veronika.

Post production was done using linear (burn setting 1.0) .exr corrected by MagicBullet Looks plugin inside Photoshop. I do some manual curve adjustments mostly to boost midtones, glow, and bring back some contrast. Very very basic stuff, but it does make a difference.

{click to see higher res}

If you like this set, please consider giving us appreciation on Behance ;- ) I'll be very thankful

I'll try to answer all technical questions in this thread regarding project, but if it's more general question, maybe use my wip/f.a.q thread instead,999.0.html

Edit: Swapped flickr for higher res uploads.

Hey guys,

I am currently looking into rendering two quite long animations (2-3 minutes...fullHD). Even with basically 24(48) cores I have,
this is problem a bit, as optimising fully glossy, lot of GI interiors under 1 hour per frame with path-tracing isn't that easy or always possible.

I am not really sure I want to go back to Vray with this, which is what I use for animations currently with decent success with IR plus
precomputed LC. Outside of camera, there is nothing moving, so this solutions is alright for my work.

I've read that IR isn't currently production ready, but does that still hold true ? What would be the best option for interior animation currently within Corona ?

Thank you

Gallery / Parisian apartment
« on: 2013-09-20, 17:28:53 »
Hi guys,

I am putting up project we did during summer, because I would like to access new daily builds :- ) I really wanted to stay out of dailys, because I love the clean state of alpha5, which eases my mind since I already use Corona for 80perc. commercial projects we do, but I guess I will really benefit from adaptivity.

Behance: )

Alternatively, you can swipe through on website:

[click to see higher res]

Gallery / Oldies re-done; Finnish apartment
« on: 2013-06-20, 15:24:09 »
Since my computers have some free time over nights, I experiment with re-rendering some scenes with new shots in Corona. Shots with rendered DOF is something I avoided, but I think that is past now ;- ) Here, something to start with, PT16+HD1024, rendered in 4k. Like always, very enjoyable experience, I specially like how glass turned out, with the quite numerous refraction inside solid parts !

published on my blog too we'll see how many people will bite the bullet :- )

I've been trying the bidirectional, but in every mode I tried (Bidi pathtracing, VCM,..) it seems materials that I have high fresnel number on (40), eg my metals, mirrors, render pure black in color.
The scene is lit by HDR and portal lights.
I can't seem to find anything much about bidirectional mode searching the forum. Anyone can share some light :- ) ?

Work in Progress/Tests / Juraj's Renderings thread
« on: 2013-06-11, 22:05:57 »
This is my general thread with work in progress, links to projects, stuff about workshops or just general ramblings. Over the years it's bit convoluted here..

Feel free to ask anything concerning my imagery/workflow. I don't keep any secrets and I am very happy to answer "almost" everything.
(Please don't ask me to share my scenes, I am not comfortable doing that currently in any form)

If you're interested in my general advice about lighting and image creation, I've put a lot of effort into this article to cover it:

Gallery / First renders - Paris apartment early previews
« on: 2013-06-07, 14:55:55 »
Edit: This project has since been finished and can be seen here: or here :- )

[click to see higher res]


I've pondered the idea of trying out new renderer for quite some time. 2 years ago, when I first began with 3D, I actually started with Octane beta, no idea how I came across it istead of Vray. I still remember the comfortable workflow but my scenes quickly outgrew gpu vram capacity.

Well, turning point came this week, after spending close to 60 hours, trying to come up with best "visual quality" scenarion in Vray, which is BruteForce, SubPixelOff,ClampOff, and even though I ended up conquering it, it cost me lot of frustration and I just didn't like the look that much for so much effort. I desperately expected bit more.

Other solutions I qucikly looked through included Maxwell and Arion. Maxwell doesn't even have damn converter and it would deferred me completely from animation territory. I still wanted same renderer for stills and animations. Arion does have converter, but not even damn forum and same problem with animations, on top of that, mostly oriented towards GPU.

So all in all out, Corona, which I honestly didn't put much faith in ( I am very sceptic person...). But damn my ego, I was so wrong.

The installation, converting my scene in one touch of button and pressing render took less than 5 minutes, and after 5 minutes of default PT+PT 16 I already enjoyed satisfaction of what I saw.

Edit: Duh, I only briefly studied manual yesterday, and since I am mostly after visual quality, times be damned, this is 4k (3840x1800px), rendered using PT+PT and 64 samples. I let it render overnight, although it looked pretty good after 3 hours, this one is saved after 12. The only post done is slight glow from MagicBullet Looks.

It is lit completely using custom HDRi in environment (can't be seen, the outside is 3D geometry as well), and very weak softbox behind camera using Corona Light. No portal lights.

Well, my second render is done now and I am beyond satisfied !! That's the results I was looking for. I love the subtle noise and little shadow detail all-around. Also, in-render DOF !

It's 100mil poly scene so far, this time only with HDRi, windows are far away. 7680px, full unbiased PT+PT, 16 samples only now, MaxInt. 0. Super super satisfied. It took 30GB ram, (it was 18 at 3840px, so it does seem to scale quite a lot). Not sure if I should keep Internal res=2 even if I go to such high res like this ? I do plan to render 8k most of my renders.

Well I am happy. I no longer need to worry about rendering, and go back to actual work. Lot's of modeling ahead, but my mind is at peace.

I think Corona will truly be revolution !

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