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Hardware / Portable laptops & integrated gpu perfromance
« on: 2022-12-05, 00:00:52 »
I am looking to buy a portable laptop for light work and I was wondering if anyone on the forum has experience with the integrated gpu's on laptops.

What are your experiences with the Iris Xe (12th Gen Intel) and Radeon 680M (Ryzen 6000) cards? Can they run Max at all? I am not planning to render but rather prepare models, import and export models and do some on-the-go quick postproduction.

For now, I found the HP Elitebook 840 or 845 to be an interesting mix of portability and performance. Latest gen CPU's, support 64gb of ram (not that I need for light work), a long-lasting battery, and a 16:10 aspect ratio with 400 nits.

If anyone has something else to propose I am all ears :) thanks!

Doing any kind of conversation with the new converter turns all existing materials (from previous corona versions) now named corona legacy materials to the new physical material. The only way to avoid this is by doing the "convert selected". I would consider this being a bug.

I wouldn't consider it a bug if there was an option where you could select "don't convert legacy materials to physical" though. Why didn't we get the convert to legacy material feature as well?

Maybe it is me but some of us find it hard to do the switch from legacy material to physical material overnight. Besides the fact that all of our commercial projects from before were based and made with the newly called legacy material. I personally get a lot of requests from clients for updates on older projects. We are opening older files done with corona 5 or 6 and we have to be super careful with using the converter in those files since it might turn all of the already made materials to physical which then results in a completely different image... And I kind of find this frustrating to be honest.

I think that if you plan to make such a radical leap, and I do find it radical for the above-mentioned reasons, you should at least educate your users and provide video tutorials on the official corona youtube channel where you break down the differences between the legacy material and the physical material. Where you actually re-create the same material in both legacy and physical format. This way the user will find it easier to make the transition and actually not run away from using the new features.

My 2 cents...

Hardware / Random resets on new workstation
« on: 2021-01-27, 22:17:29 »
Hi my dear Corona colleagues.

So I bought the MSI X570 Tomahawk board for a new workstation build for one on my colleagues at work. I built the system myself and tested it, everything was working fine. I was running XMP on the ram (2x32gb 3200mhz Kingston sticks) and PBO. All was stable until a few days ago when the PC started getting random restarts. In the last 3 days I get 3-4 random restarts in a time span of 8-10 hours of work on this computer. It is not related to any specific action/program or process it just happens randomly. It happened once while doing some 3d modelling work, then while browsing some photos on the server and then just before I launched interactive rendering.

When I enter the Event viewer I have a Critical log Kernel-Power 41 task Category (63).

This is the PC:
Cpu: 5950x
Mobo: X570 MSI Tomahawk bios Ver: V14 - latest stable
RAM: 64gb (2x32 3200mhz)
GPU: RTX 2060super
PSU: 750w asus strix gold
SSD: Kingston A2000 1TB
Cooler: Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280
Win: Running latest win update

Yesterday evening I did several tests for several hours with no issues at all. Of course before all this I turned off both xmp and pbo and restarted the bios to default. I am running bios version V14 from November 2020 which is the latest stable version.
Did Prime95, OCCT, Valley, Furmark. I even ran Prime95 and Furmark at the same time, having both the CPU and the GPU stressed to 100% for 1 hour and without any crashes. Temperatures are just fine below 73C in full PRime95 load, Psu also 12V,3V and 5V rails look good in OCCT after the 1 hour test which didn't give any error. I don't doubt the PSU to be honest I started doubting the ram or the ram slots on the mobo.

Today I ran Memtest86 on my other workstation. Both sticks after 2 straight hours of testing each ( total 2 of 4 passes) gave no errors. I am currently testing the slots on the Tomahawk motherboard for now there are no errors when 1 slot is populated after 2 hours of testing. Will try the test now with both slots populated but my guess that this is fine as well since dimm slot A2 gives no errors.

Anyone have any ideas of what it could be? I could try another PSU since I have a spare one, could even try a different cpu since I also have a 5900x laying around in a box and waiting for another build. But before I do that I would like to hear some opinions from you guys it would help a lot since I am completely stuck :(

In middle of a deadline for some reason DR is in a loop now I tried it from my workstation, tried it from a node as a backburner server job with dr for other slaves same thing. DR machines are green as soon as the render starts and then simultaneously start going red and green and red so they won't start. The scene is heavy around 1.8 gigs but I rendered the same scene without any adjustments last night from my workstation and all was working fine until this morning when I tried again and the problem started. I even cleaned the scene up got it down to 1.2 gigs and the problem persists.

I am sure its not a network problem since all was working fine less then 12 hours ago. There was no Win update in the past days so that is excluded as well... Anyone experiencing the same problems?

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