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Hardware / Re: Good Laptop for working with Corona
« on: 2022-08-04, 09:59:09 »
The new Intel Alder-Lake HX based laptops feature up to 4 DIMMs, so they can be slotted with 128GB. (but there is catch... it's DDR5 and DDR5 in 128GB Alder-Lake config runs on much lower frequency...)

The HX laptops are few and fairly recent, and run the gamut from high-end gaming machines (Asus Rog, Dell Alienware, MSI GS, etc.. ) to work-stations (Dell Precision, HP Z-book, MSI Creator, Lenovo P,...).
Only some of those have the choice of 4 DIMMs and thus 128GB, and those few (like Dell Precision for example) only offer so in very expensive packages this year (Dell charges almost 2000 bucks for it alone because they made proprietary form-factor and will only sell normal version later this year who know when).

In short, it's expensive thing right now in this generation, I would settle for 64GB. Corona team is making out-of-core bitmaps caching right now for this version so that will save some memory on big projects but yes I know, 128 is super convenient.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2022-08-04, 09:47:33 »
Even when they're not realistic enough for direct visibility, they may be invaluable tool for modulating the light quality (both inside and outside).


If it was custom folder (like with in-built set of LUTs) would be perfect solution.

It would do two things at once:

- Delete the existing stuff.
- Add my own.

And it would be consistent how presets are done in most softwares including 3dsMax. Just a single-file per preset on harddrive, transferable to other PCs.

Just to clarify: you mean exactly what we can do with the Save/Load buttons, but in a form of a drop-down list, right?

(Internal ID=941726359)

Well... yes and no. This brings into question the consistency of the Save/Load for full Config, but set-in-stone dropdown list for Tonemapping sub-section alone.
Will write more on this later.

Parallax alone is quite useless, and the use-case of projected rooms is easily done by great OSL commercial plugin.

But Parallax Occlusion mapping can great alternative to normal mapping before stepping to Displacement, but that depends purely on render-cost and I have only seen it implemented in F-Storm, and I have no idea what performance penalty it brings.

That's common and to big degree expected. Some reasons:

1) Different silicon quality of CCD (Core-Complex Die). 5950X is flagship CPU, but there can still be different binning.
2) One is currently being loaded more. (and may contain the higher frequency reaching cores that Windows will prefer to load primarily).
3) The heatspreader/cooler contact isn't evenly flat (almost never is).

Is the difference also as stark when you load all cores equally during Corona rendering?


If it was custom folder (like with in-built set of LUTs) would be perfect solution.

It would do two things at once:

- Delete the existing stuff.
- Add my own.

And it would be consistent how presets are done in most softwares including 3dsMax. Just a single-file per preset on harddrive, transferable to other PCs.

I think it has to do with USB interference,

Signal interference is big issue with those shitty wireless Unified receivers that Logitech uses. It's really best to baby-sit it into good position, even if it means having extender cable if you're connecting to port behind PC :- ).
Goes without saying, that if you use multiple Logitech products (wireless keyboard and mouse), add them to single receiver through the app.

Juraj, render-time displacement on scattered instanced is and always was supported by the scatter. The vote is for implementing support of render-time displacement for distribution object, so when you scatter trees (rocks, grass) on terrain that has displacement, scattered instances would correctly follow displaced surface.

Edge Trim, Disp and Clustering for me as well.

That is exactly my vote too :]

Oh my bad. But then again, even ForestPack was only able to precompute this last time I checked.


(I was surprised how few people have voted for this feature, not having render time displacement support limits the use cases of where you can use chaos scatter)

Agree, nowadays to have a tree without any displacement looks almost cartoonish. Scattered objects must retain render-time disp.

Edge Trim, Disp and Clustering for me as well.

Jobs / Furniture modeler (/freelance), urgently needed
« on: 2022-07-24, 16:21:29 »

our best modeler went on maternity leave so in foreseeable future we're quite short on hands :- ).
I am always looking for freelancers to help with modelling  (and modelling only right now).

Please have a look at attached example of complexity and if it's something that fit your skills (it's simple models, but details like subtle wrinkles and stitches done correctly still matter a lot),
please write me directly on personal email (juraj.talcik(at) of course correct the address :- ), or my FB messenger (Juraj Talcik).

-Basic unwrapping is welcome
-No shading or texturing

Thanks :- )

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Juraj's Renderings thread
« on: 2022-05-12, 19:09:15 »
Hi juraj are you still using corona?

Heh :- ) Yes I am. I just took 3 year hiatus of posting stuff (everywhere). Detox from social media, then kid, dog, life got in way.

I will start posting some projects very soon. There are few that I like so much I would love to show them finally anyway, though there is some anxiety about "well duh.. that's nothing interesting, too much better work these days".

I will never change from Corona. Except for Unreal 5 one day :- ) One day though... not any soon.

[Max] Tutorials & Guides / Re: Vegetation shader
« on: 2022-03-22, 09:56:55 »
hey Juraj - love referring back to this post so thanks for your efforts.

Can i ask another question though, how did you balance the outdoor to indoor exposure, what that done in post?

If you're asking about the renderings on 1st page, IPES House, there was no balancing, brightening inside in post or anything. Because this is effectively "open" house, it's not really even interior. It's easy to work with these kind of house :- ).

In Apartment building? Way too many tricks possible. Mike Kelly seems to have new photography tutorial on architecture, I would check that out, it's pretty damn useful.

Yup, some new material systems like the latest one from Disney is based fully on layering. There is no base materials and layered material anymore. Everything is a layer.

I tested it with existing way anyway, and it's pretty cool way to do wood :- ).

original material was not set up in a realistic fashion

That is the case for 99perc. of existing content, even post-PBR era of materials.

The converter does one thing wrong (because otherwise the way it converts proper materials is very nice, it takes into account everything, but that's not what people use converter for mainly):
It tries to correct those materials that were setup incorrectly. Majority of use for converter is 3rd party assets, not our own scenes. So Evermotion, 3dSky, DesignConnected, etc.. And it fails for all of those.

It converts perfectly my own LegacyMaterials. But I don't need that as much.

I believe there are ways to alleviate that by simply having the converted material remaining weird nonsense even if it was like that previously. The new PhysicalMaterial can be abused enough to map over most of content. That is much better result than ending up with metallic books.

Be careful with using native Max procedural noise, it renders a lot differently based on distance, resolution and sampling. It's almost impossible to achieve consistency.

Triplanar mapping noise bitmap is almost safer choice, I've seen most professionals using this method for carpaint speckles. Of course, more advanced noise maps like Vray Stochastic are available, but I am not sure it works in Corona.

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