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Title: Nvidia Ai denoiser
Post by: gustavoesser on 2021-10-14, 19:53:40
Hi guys, i´m trying to figure out if a better gpu will be faster to denoise an image during the interactive renderer. I am currently using a gtx 1060 6gb, but most of the time i´m leaving the Nvidia Denoiser off during the interactive render, because i feell it takes too long to be able to see the details in the textures. Do you think a better gpu will make the Nvidia denoiser works faster? What specs should i be looking in a gpu? GFLOPS, vRAM, Memory Bandwidth....?
Title: Re: Nvidia Ai denoiser
Post by: TomG on 2021-10-14, 21:08:19
To be honest, probably not - taking time to see the details is not because of the time it takes to denoise, it's the time it takes to render enough passes (the regular, undenoised passes) to have enough info for the denoiser to have enough information to work with. The denoising itself is likely under 1s to process, so taking 0.3s rather than 0.5s (these are not real numbers, just ones I think are not a million miles away and illustrate the point - you can just set a final render to 2 passes and render with AI denoising to see in the render stats how long it took, e.g. in a 1920x1080 scene for me it took... 0s, it was so fast on my 980 Ti that it doesn't even register ;) ) won't make any difference.

Most likely what you would need is a faster CPU, so that the underlying passes are done faster, and the denoiser has that extra info to work with faster.