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Gallery / Re: Vray USB Dongle Rendered
« on: 2013-08-10, 18:38:21 »
jaja what a compliment, some good artists, and even the code writer and creator of corona, thinking that is a fake. This is with out a doubt a compliment!.

good work here!!!

News / Re: [OLD] 1 month development break
« on: 2013-07-30, 23:13:58 »
Ok, I am back and watching forum again. If you posted anything in the last month, it is possible I won't read it (but I will read entire mantis and bug reporting/feature requests sections), so feel free to bump if it is important.

Good news ondra,

I´m really waiting for DR, because really i have not  time to use corona on my personal projects, and on my work projects i had some problem with deadlines, because i dont handle settings very well and times of rendering sometimes goes to high. With DR i think i will have more flexibility to correct my steps and get deadlines on time.

Great news again,



After some test, I understand that in Progessive, Corona glass (Onesided) permits for the GI (HDRI or CoronaSky) to pass through the glass.  This is not true for direct lights rays, like VRaySun or VRayLights

I had that problem, anyway i used solid material with untilded cast shadow to get sun inside with absorption on the thikness of the grlass.


some test

Gallery / Re: Testing corona with corona
« on: 2013-04-29, 15:55:27 »
Jaja nice Leo...

What definitely needs more work are the water droplets

I agree, are scatered drops but I scalled them to much.. on the begin they where to "fat". I will improve them.

and lemon material (the texture does not hold in closeup, and it needs some specularity).

This is more difficult i put all my effort there, but i will improve them.

I also don't know why there are completely black areas, is the full GI on, or is it just postproduction?

Yes it have post, maybe i did to much contrast.

The most difficult part was the beer material, i have to prove it a lot, refraction, absortion, translucency... I try a lot of thing wiht out a real knwing of what i was doing.


Gallery / Testing corona with corona
« on: 2013-04-29, 14:31:16 »
This is a test I made.

C&C are welcome,


No, not on realistic, on every mode... like in vray. When you have the sun turned on, the viewport show an strong yellow icon, when it is turned off is a dark yellow.

Just that simple, but in some scenes is easy to identify when you have more than one sun.

Hope I explainded my self.


Realistic mode?

Just chenge the color on the view port, to identify it is off.


Sun change color on viewport when it's turned off.


what a pity

This is the point where my path get  different way than corona.

Im training my sefl to migrating to blender... and i will do it in a couple of years no more... (is dificult wiht work)

Blender is growing and growing, and the people ho uses it too.

Maybe the industry monsters will be that, monsters, and if corona want to get there this is the right choise.... i will walk the other.

Anyway i have still time to enjoy it.

Gallery / Re: Tetris bedroom
« on: 2013-04-24, 14:19:30 »
Nice work!

Just my opinion.. it deserves a night exterior in order the ilumination of the interior.
Nice clothes and wall. Maybe the bed back loose the detail against that type of wall, .... but that is ohter matter.


[Max] General Discussion / Re: Vote for new Corona logo
« on: 2013-04-23, 20:40:10 »
when i read corona two things come to my mind plus the maru comment.

Maybe this help....

[Max] General Discussion / Re: half hour few passes
« on: 2013-04-23, 20:28:31 »
thanks to all,

i think is relative to ram comsumption an resolution too.. i will try to render it on 4 quadrants and compare times...


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