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[Max] I need help! / Re: 3ds max hair/fur motion blur?
« on: 2018-10-23, 02:53:44 »

I was just wondering if Corona now supports Motion Blur with 3DS Max Hair and Fur?


News / Re: Corona Renderer 1.7 for 3ds Max released!
« on: 2017-10-28, 18:48:24 »
Thanks guys for the info.

News / Re: Corona Renderer 1.7 for 3ds Max released!
« on: 2017-10-28, 04:26:12 »
I wonder what`s the experience of everyone with corona 1.7 in regards of the speed?.., i found a video on youtube where someone renders the same scene in corona 1.6 HF3 and 1.7 and in 1.6 HF3 is faster, here is the video:

Thanks, hopefully it will be solved soon.


I have an alembic mesh, is a simulated cloth with triangles, that renders with perfectly smooth normals with corona 1.6, but when i convert all the sequence in to an animated proxy, the mesh is not smooth anymore, is very faceted.

So, is smooth normals not supported by corona proxies..., or do i have to check something else before export to proxy?


I`m using a pass limit of 8 (i will increase it later for final renders) and is an animation of a character that is in a chair just talking, so there is not much movement.
On the Back Ground i have 8 TVs with an animated sequence on each screen, the animated sequence is applied in to a light material to have the illumination of the screens.

I also have a big box in front of the camera in the whole scene for volume scattering and "Animation (Flicker-Free)" in UHD Cache section check.

There is no camera movement or objects movement apart from the character. Apart from all that, as i said if i render frame 140 in a single render it takes about 6 minutes, but if i then render a sequence from frame 80 for example to frame 140, the frame 140 will take 10 to 12 minutes to render... that is huge difference.

I forgot to mention that i have 16GB of RAM.


So i have a big interior scene with lots of polys, SSS, a single animated displacement, DOF and MB, with a 0.5 of denoissing, but with out hair and fur in any object.  I let the render working over night and at the next day i discover that the rendering gets slower and slower with each frame. A render frame that normally takes about 6 minutes it takes in that rendering sequence 10 minutes or more, so is a big difference.

I render the scene sequence with Path Tracing and UHD Cache in corona 1.6 Hot Fix 1.

Is this increasing of rendering time normal when rendering a sequence..., or is a corona issue?..


I wanted to convert a group of objects (alembic objects with animation) in to proxies, but doing that one by one takes a lot of time, is there a way to convert the whole group all at once with the animation?


[Max] I need help! / Convert simulated Hair&Fur to proxy?
« on: 2017-08-17, 04:36:18 »

I wanted to know how can i convert a geometry that has a simulated hair&fur sequence into a proxy?..., i tried to render a sequence with hair&fur some time ago and 3ds max crashes eventually, so i wanted to try with proxy.


[Max] General Discussion / Re: Rendering: run out of memory!
« on: 2017-08-17, 04:32:36 »
Yes, i have noted the same... it seems like Corona doesn't clean the ram after the render is done... Consuming more memory each time, and making rendering slower if it's a sequence...
Terrible english, i know. I'm from Argentina.

I tried to render a sequence some days ago and the render never reach it`s goal, i tried three time and always 3ds max crash before even reach half of the render sequence. I think it could be that memory issue.

Could you upload a minidump of the crash?

mmm.., i wish i knew about this before making those 3 test that i was talking about. I don`t know if i will have time to do another test but if i do i will upload that minidump.



So, after a long time i`m trying corona again (in another pc) and i`m loving it!. Is corona 1.6 for 3ds max 2017. I wanted to render a character with SSS, animated wrinkle displacement (through a sequence of maps) and a set of UDIM textures using a MultiTile map.

The character and it`s cloth sim were all done in maya and bring them into max with alembic.

I set a simple hair (just for test) with Hair&Fur modifier and bake a simulation with it`s native options. Anyways, i let the render to go over night but at the next day i discover that 3ds max crashes and that the render job just last about 80 frames (and i set it to 600).

I try this 3 times, and the last time with "render frame window" uncheck so it render the frames without open the frame buffer window and the result is the same, sometimes it went a bit shorter and it stops before 80 frames.

I verify and all is fine with the scene, i can render (and batch render) with out problem the frames where 3ds max crashes.

I try the same animation but instead of the Hair&Fur modifier i just use a medium/hi res geo for the hair and it renders all night with out problem.., which was more than 200 frames.

Anyways, what could be the issue?

I have a pc with 8 cores, 16GB of ram and windows 7 64 bit.

Best Regards

Gallery / Re: Moscow city traffic center (ANIMATION)
« on: 2015-09-19, 20:10:53 »
- City assets was built for this project specially except the buildings (from library). We're done all the street signs and other things by photo references. Testures for them was created from photos too (we're had a photo session in city centetr for this).

- All the people animated in Anima by AXYZ and imported in 3ds max for rendering.

- This project was done by 3 modellers and me as visualizer and composer in 4 weeks.

- Ram needed for rendering hugest of clip scenes was about 16-20Gb. But some scenes with moving trees and motion blur eated up to 32Gb of RAM.

Great, thanks for the info.

Gallery / Re: Moscow city traffic center (ANIMATION)
« on: 2015-09-19, 04:36:41 »
This is an amazing work. The realism is fantastic.

Can you please answer this questions..
-Can you tell me please how did you build all the city assets with all textures and details?

-Also, how did you make all the people walking around, talking?.., did you use a crowd simulation?

-How many people worked on the proyect?



I wanted to ask if the SSS shown on this thread is the "SSSR – Sub Surface Scattering Revolution" listed in the upcoming features of version 1?


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