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Not sure if this already came across, but it would make life a lot better if it would be possible to preview a certain mapping on an object in the viewport (like in max). EG: If I have a glossy material with a grunge map on the reflection glossiness, I want to preview that grunge map on the object where the material is applied to so I can map it properly. Now it is often guessing or cheating by creating a second material with that specific grunge map in the diffuse slot.

This is something I've been missing in C4D in general, but it would be nice if it could be implemented in Corona.


Nejc Kilar:
I totally agree. +1000!

You can actually find this functionality when working with standard c4d materials if you go under "editor" -> "editor display".

It really makes mapping stuff ten times easier - Especially when previewing how each map looks like. With that said, my impression as to why this hasn't been done is because the c4d viewport sdk is lacking. Thats just my guess though.

+1000 !
In Arnold and Redshift for C4D, it is a standard feature. It makes precise texturing very easy.
I was disappointed to find this is lacking in Corona. Even the new R20 node material editor has it now !
I use the same trick as Nkilar, but as the viewport preview is often not accurate, I use instead the emission channel to preview. Not very practical...
In R20's node editor, the little "s" button previews the node on the material

In RS  you use alt+w to connect any node to "output"

Read 1218 times from 2018. Still relevant. so here's a bump!

Please!!! +1000


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