Author Topic: Lighting advice needed  (Read 3189 times)

2019-03-08, 18:09:42


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First one: 15 minutes into the render. Tried the simplest setup. Really nice to see the progress. I really hope Co-co-co-corona...will make it "official".

Second one: what would be the best ligting setup to make the interior brighter. Now I have turned up exposure and the light in the window gets blown out.

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2019-03-08, 21:15:38
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Use an invisible light behind the camera (like a Light portal in 3ds Max or one of ArchiCAD's general lights (rectangular) set to light blue to match a sky) and place it out of view behind the camera.

Also you can turn up exposure some more and then also turn up Highlight suppress (compress?) value to reduce the window getting blown out with light from outside.

You could also try to change the camera system to photographic exposure instead of simple exposure (or the other way around) to get more range.

Worst case scenario, just add more lights inside your room.
That's how it would be built i real life anyway