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Crap. I had to check if it was april 1st yesterday...
Great effort so far and really interesting too see what can be done. I was hoping that one not yet announced secret was that Corona would replace Cinerender in AC24.
Back to reality and again thanks for the commitment.

Still can't install because VCRUNTIME140.1.dll is missing... feel a little sad.

Missing VCRUNTIME140..error has nothing to do with installation of Corona for ARCHICAD. Please google for the solution. E.g.

Thanks! I'll get our IT dept to fix it.

Still can't install because VCRUNTIME140.1.dll is missing... feel a little sad.

I guess it's localized in my Swedish ArchiCAD. I attach a screen dump.

Same issue here with build 4 and the missing runtime file. Swedish localization. I've deleted everything except the Corona .lcf libraries. Build 3 works like charm.

I agree with SAFS. AC palette is counter productive.


  • What version are we talking about please?
  • Was uninstaller complaining about something during the uninstall process?
  • Have you uninstalled and trying to install the same version, or you have uninstalled older version and you are trying to install a newer version now?
The main files are:
  • [ArchicadPath]/Add-Ons/Corona*
  • [ArchicadPath]/Corocad*
  • [ArchicadPath]/Corona*
  • [ArchicadPath]/Legion*

When thinking outside the box...hmmm...and only installing the two versions I need separately it worked gr8. I think I don't have one of the older versions instaölled which may have caused the provlem.

Really really nice renders Cesar and thanks for sharing! :)

[Archive] Corona Renderer for ARCHICAD / Re-installation?
« on: 2019-10-15, 21:38:35 »
Managed to uninstall and now I can't reinstall (computer says it's already installed but I've deleted all I can find). What files do I need to delete?

[Archive] Corona Renderer for ARCHICAD / Re: Updates?
« on: 2019-10-04, 20:46:10 »
@tma: Hehe, let me share something from my today's insta stories :)
Starting today I work on nothing else but delivering the fresh build...



[ARCHICAD] Feature Requests / Scroll issues
« on: 2019-03-11, 09:10:56 »
Maybe it's just me but I scroll a lot and unintentionally change the settings since the sliders are scroll sensitive.
I would prefer just dragging the sliders.

Rainy weekend so I took a little time to play around a littöe and I wonder why the texture direction of the inside of the wall (1) changes between ArchiCAD and Corona? I've use empty openings.
No 2 is a pure ArchiCAD thing.

First one: 15 minutes into the render. Tried the simplest setup. Really nice to see the progress. I really hope Co-co-co-corona...will make it "official".

Second one: what would be the best ligting setup to make the interior brighter. Now I have turned up exposure and the light in the window gets blown out.


[Archive] Corona Renderer for ARCHICAD / Re: I love it !!!
« on: 2019-03-08, 17:59:06 »
Very nice renders!

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