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Thank you, we still hope you can work again on it,  not to loose all the amazing work you have done. It will be difficult to live without Corona for AC!!!

You are right... i know this issue, and for shure Archicad is not the right enviroment... i'm only very sad about the ending of the development.. actually there aren't render engine with such result in Archicad and knowing also Corona will leave BIM software it's a pity. The only things left it's to wait for other software can make this job... so so sad, I love Corona how it works...

Thank you for this good discussion!

I think that an architect during his creative process necessarily needs software like Corona even if it does not serve to create high quality photorealistic renders. In a BIM software such as Archicad the focus is on the process of planning, not on the final result of a render. Corona for Archicad must serve architects to give him an instrument that does not exist to date: the perfect calculation of light. Light is the first design tool... light make great architecture, not object, morph tools or high poly trees. In my opinion, this is the added value that Corona can give to architects who have to design and use BIM software to do that.
I agree that to obtain results of the highest photorealism Archicad is not the right environment ... no BIM software would be, and this function must be left to the other software. Corona for AC can give a support that no other software can give at this moment, because Twinmotion or others that simplify the use and creation of the scenes has a very approximate (if not nil) calculation of the GI, fundamental for understanding volumes full and empty space.

I don't have problem with material editor... it works properly

No problem, indeed I just copy the folder created in C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\ARCHICAD 23 to C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\ARCHICAD 23\Add-Ons and it works perfectly. Then i moved icf file to the library folder (C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\ARCHICAD 23 to C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\ARCHICAD 23\Libreria ARCHICAD 23) and everything works fine.

Thank you!

Yes, you see first image the GRAPHISOFT/Archicad23 folder stucture.

Perfect, because AC photorendering palette it's fundamental when you have lot of view and you need different render settings, you can save preset and assign them to each view. In the second image you see an example with the file of the render i post some days ago as a test.

Hi Alex!
Thank you, wonderful work! I will do some test this days and i'll give you my feedback!!

First i notice:
- During installation process i see the error (1st image attached) but i follow the simple instruction and it works! (I use italian version)
- When i open "Photorenderings settings" i can't scroll down some menus (2nd image circle green)... This palette is useful to save preset of render option (circle red) to assign to a different view.

Those are only two little things, other things work fine!
Great job guys

[Archive] Chaos Corona for ARCHICAD / Re: Interior renders
« on: 2020-03-20, 10:06:42 »
Thank you! I'm looking forward to it!

[Archive] Chaos Corona for ARCHICAD / Interior renders
« on: 2020-03-19, 13:45:04 »
Hi everybody!
I want to share with you my last project, all designed by Archicad and renderized with Corona... amazing result! I'm usually to model everything in Archicad like BIM workflow want, and have Corona as a support to visualize the final solution it's really a big step! Hope you guys continue to develop Corona for Archicad ASAP because it is a fundamental tool for architect and results are not comparable to other software like Lumion or Twinmotion. In this render there are not present good objects from high poly library because i use the same 3D model both for visualize with render and for technical drawings. But for this project i had to step back saving the files in AC22 because AC23 is not reday yet! I follow the roadmap and i see all the checklist are done, I hope you'll release Aplha 5 soon!!

Hope you enjoy!

I think Archicad users are usual with the photorendering palette, it's the first place in wich they will search the settings. But with another render engine and the toolbar in the menu i will appreciated find all the settings of the related plugins, as well as the VFB and the interactive palette.
Sorry for my english, i hope you'll understand!

I'm an italian architect, very happy to help you yo improve this wonderful tool for archicad. In BIM process rendering are a big part of it and the possibilities to use it in the native software it's amazing.
This is a small project for a dentist studio, but a lot it's modeled. I use Archicad to develop the project from the beginning till the building site managment. You will find a lot of documentation in wich you can see all the process.
I hope this file will help you to understand the complexity of the object we need.
In you want more complex o bigger scene tell me, i hope to help you!

I've upload the .pla file on dropbox

Thank you very much!
I will often check.

Happy working!

Hi everyone!
I would partecipate to the evolution process of the software, but our projects are completely depending on AC 23 so we cannot use Corona anymore... it is a great pity!
Are you working on another version AC23 compatible??

Thank you!!

For me same problem with Quadro M1200!
I must use Archicad native palette to modify render settings.

[Archive] Chaos Corona for ARCHICAD / Re: Updates?
« on: 2019-10-14, 13:34:57 »
maybe I talked about how we used to work. I think it is fundamental to follow and collaborate for the development of BIM software that today still have large gaps for those who, like us, exploit them for all phases of architectural design. A software such as yours, integrated with the BIM model, becomes a part of the design process itself. To date, carrying out the BIM design of a building also means digital visualization and you should use this message to advertise. The optimizations to work in a single environment are unmatched, which is why I strongly believe in your mission to make architectural visualization easier for architects to approach. I use 3ds Max with Corona to render my projects, but I use the 3D model from the BIM software. If I skip this step, I would save a lot of time and money. In fact I believe that software such as twinmotion or Lumion are very "dangerous" for you, the ease of use and the ever-increasing quality of the final result will greatly facilitate their diffusion. I know that many architecture studios are struggling to adapt to new versions and often fall behind, but following them penalizes those who apply to take the limit further forward because they believe that experimentation is the right way to grow. just as you have always looked for innovation I am sure that this is already your way of thinking and it remains for me to remain anxiously waiting for the new release that will allow me to watch Corona even on the newest Archicad.
I'd like to be able to help you if you need feedback with architects who work daily on BIM design.
Good work and thanks

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