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Are you using EXR-IO, the free plugin, to open the EXR in Photoshop? If not, Photoshop doesn't handle EXRs correctly.

Well, there won't be new materials for Corona 12 as such. There will be two things - the Corona Material Library materials inside Cosmos, but those will be the same as you had from the Corona Material Library, so not new :) As an aside, the extra ones that have accidentally showed up and gone again are the V-Ray conversions of the Corona Material Library materials, so these are not extras that V-Ray gets and we don't.

And then there will be some brand new materials, in the next Cosmos update, which will happen before the release of 12 if things go to plan, so you won't need to wait for Corona 12 to see those :)

First step, just to be sure to be using the latest version, is trying HF 2. If some scenes do not crash, worth trying to see what the difference is (do they use certain features, was one created and saved in an older version - might be worth installing HF2, opening the scene, saving it to a new copy, and then loading and trying that new copy).

After that, any crash report would be good, and an example scene that crashes for you, can best be done via ticket for privacy with the scene,

Great to hear! Apologies for those materials making yet another accidental appearance - I did let the Cosmos team know, so hopefully this can be avoided in the future even if it is just for a short time.

Just to double check - I ran Cosmos today and there was an "Update available" bar across the top, so I updated; at which point I could replicate your results and see these materials that ought to be hidden. However, during my test in downloading and importing one of those (to get the "requires V-Ray" error message), ANOTHER update message popped up in the bottom right. On doing that update, the materials again correctly disappeared. Can you see if you have the message that there is another update available and update again please?

BTW I'm on Windows, with Max, so things may be different for you.

You don't need to list them all, just say that they are showing up and give one example (the screenshot from here is fine) :)

Same would apply, "please submit a ticket, with the log file attached as well as the name of the material. The specific message I link to has the documentation on where to find the log file." as this would need to go to the Cosmos team. Thanks!

Archive gathers everything into the one folder you get, including all texture maps etc. So on opening the scene from in there, you open the Asset Tracker (shift T), select everything, and then set the path to point at the one new folder you have.

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Corona Shadow Catcher for interior
« on: 2024-05-20, 18:33:18 »
Not sure what you mean by stopped answering you - was there a ticket number, where you are not receiving any replies? Thanks!

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Low cpu usage (40%)
« on: 2024-05-20, 15:33:43 »
What about with Corona 11, since this is a very very old thread and we've had two versions since then (and about to have a third before too long :) ).

The total noise amount is averaged, but adaptive sampling means Corona puts more processing power into areas that are noisy.

If it crashes for us opening it, definitely not a waste of time, as we'll be looking to fix that crash too as a bonus extra. TBH sending in a scene always helps, so is never time wasted. And we do appreciate you taking the time to do that!

Gallery / Re: Audi RS7 – CGI
« on: 2024-05-17, 12:37:19 »
Hi! All the links to the photos in the thread are broken now, looks like something changed with wherever they were hosted - in case you want to correct for that to bring them back :)

You got lucky that the scene last week wasn't also incredibly slow. The low RAM warning is one that has to be taken seriously - at worst, speed can drop to about 10% of what it should be (as the CPU has to wait for data from the hard drive, which is much slower than waiting for data from the RAM), or in other cases can just outright crash.

32GB of RAM is considered a minimum these days, with 64GB being more of a sweet spot (though there are users who have even more than that, for sure), so a 16GB machine is going to struggle when the scene hits any sort of complexity. There should be a link in that message that you can click on which will give advice on optimizing the scene, though the preferred solution if budget allows is simply to add more RAM :)

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Single vs DR render passes
« on: 2024-05-16, 17:15:17 »
Coupla starter questions. How often are the machines set to communicate with each other? And are they all the same speed?

There is generally some overshoot possible, e.g. master machine is slower than the others (maybe because it's in use for other things at the same time, as well as hardware), so when it goes "Oh hey everybody, 3% noise, we got it!" the other machines go "Great! Ok we are stopping, and here are the last 20 passes I did since you last asked me", which across 7 machines would be an extra 140 passes. This can happen even if the controlling machine is not slower, again depends on how often they are set to checkin with each other.

What's the breakdown on how many passes came from which machines, btw?

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