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2023-01-09, 00:43:42
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For what it’s worth, I don’t feel GPU rendering is the magic bullet that some people think it will be.
Having just come over from Vray, I didn’t find there was this humongous time saving between CPU and GPU rendering for complex scenes. It is after all, just another render engine that is a bit faster. However, what you have to keep in mind is that many functions are switched off for GPU rendering.  The last time I looked, you couldn’t even use Vray dirt (!!) which is essential for most of my work. Also, there’s a good chance that your 3rd party plug-ins won’t be supported either. So, if you want 100 percent functionality, then you’ll need to use CPU.
This is all discussed in the corona marketing blurb.

As for workflow, I was hoping that at least my 3090 might work wonders when using IPR but in fact, my 3970x is just as fast, more stable and has 100 percent compatibility.

Lastly, Vray gpu isn’t real time rendering. Not even Vantage is real-time - it is however very very very crazy fast. Real-time would be Twinmotion, Lumion etc. but these have a noticeable drop in quality.

Anyway, this is just my humble opinion. I have no doubt others will have their own, equally valid opinion.