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Color Banding in Merged Exr Files



I have found a strange, presumably bug while trying out product animations. This relates to both saving from 3DS MAX's save file dialog and saving straight from the Corona VFB.

If a merged AOV exr is saved then there is very clear color banding and loss of information in the 32 bit exr file (very visible in depth pass). If all AOV's are saved separately and not merged, then the banding issue disappears. I also tried two different exr extractors ( and after effects native EXtractoR). Both times the same issue, which would suggest the problem lying in the file saving. Is there some limitation on merged exrs that causes this issue or is this a corona related bug?

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So naturally right after a forum post you find the answer to the question yourself...

When the button is pressed in 3ds max to automatically add other render elements to the 32 bit exr in the save file dialog, it adds them as 16 bit float and not 32 bit float. In order to get the render passes to be 32 bit float as well, you need to manually add them through the "add" button and then change it from 16 to 32 float.

Now the banding is gone :)


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