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CoronaLayeredMtl + bump = Weird RawComponent pass


Hi, like the title says I'm having some issues with the RawComponent pass.

How to reproduce:

Create 2 materials and link them into Base and Layer1 in a LayeredMaterial
Mask these two materials with noise, falloff, and possibly other ways.

Render this and check RawComponent(Diffuse) pass. No problem visible.
Add bump to either of the materials and you can see the RawComponent get some weird artifacts on the part of the material with the bump.
This behavior is not visible if either of the materials are applied to the object outside of the LayeredMaterial. Bump or no bump.

Is this fixed in a newer version of Corona or is this still the case?
I'm using Corona 6 Hotfix 1

I use RawComponent to compose shadows in photoshop, since this seems to be the only pass who has no color difference between dark or light materials, but still contain light information. Easy to use in multiply or similar blending modes

That looks odd indeed.
You can try using Corona Renderer 7 and see if the issue persists.
We will try to reproduce the issue and will return to you ASAP.


I am not able to reproduce this error using Corona 7 HF 1 using Corona Physicalmtl. Is the problem still there? If yes, Would you be able to share your scene with us which I can use to reproduce this issue in Corona 7 HF 1?

Let me know.



I have a tight schedule at the moment, but I will check out Corona 7 with a secondary installation whenever I have time.
I've been holding off updating in hopes of getting some adjustments on the material conversions I see people complain about.

Thank you for checking on your end


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