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[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Corona Hair in the beta rc2 5
« on: 2019-11-28, 01:01:12 »
tx Branko for your reply. Also tx for the work on 5. I do feel you all there at Corona work in the right direction. Each release is a big step forward. Reminds me of the days when @Last software still worked on Sketschup.

Darstellungsart is also fantastic. Great grass they made for C4D and Corona.
Laubwerk no longer support C4D with Surface Spread. At least not anymore for R21. They had some plans for it but even R20 was no longer supported. I also think with Mograph part of the regular license for C4D you got all you need.

I had a quick look at the Corona hair object and was just wondering how to set curved random hairs (grass). I will have a look at the video you posted though. Would be great if a few examples were posted of C4D files with grass and a carpet to start with. As a designer you just don't have the time to experiment throught all the options. Maybe that why most architects these days opt for Lumion.
tx again Francois

[C4D] General Discussion / Corona Hair in the beta rc2 5
« on: 2019-11-26, 14:07:45 »
Hi everybody,
mayby there is someone who could set me up with a little beginners guide to get me started making grass or carpets. This for the beta 5 rc 2 for C4D.

You're right. Tx. I should go to bed early these days...

Solved by Frankco, TX.

Hi, I can't install this latest daily build on my iMac OSX 10.14.6
The installer installs in the R20 folder and does not recognize the "Applications/Maxon Cinema 4D R21" folder
R21 is actually differently installed by the Maxon installer in a folder that is named "Maxon Cinema 4D R21" It used to be "Applications/Maxon/Cinema 4D R20"

I tried to manually move the installed Corona Plugin folder from R20 to the R21 plugin folder but it did not work. The plugin in the R20 folder is named corona4dR20.xlib so maybe the installer does not install a R21 compatible plugin in the R20 folder.

Anyhow, hope the team fixes this asap. I feel a little left out now...

Don't see it yet but good news that the promised "soon" has materialised.

I do agree with the posters here that is huge frustration to wait for unknown periods of time before plugins are updated. I waited for over a year for Laubwerk to update Surface Spread for R20 and by now they seem to have given up on it. I used Maxwell for years but that was the same story. A year ago I just moved over to Corona completely.

Vray is actually completely rewritten for C4d and released  for R21. I took a look at it by the new video's the Chaos group just put on line. I think the Chaos group buying Corona has done a lot of good for Vray for C4D. I think by now Vray for C4D is just as easy to use as Corona is. The price is slightly higher but still comparable with Corona per month. I am still happy with Corona but getting interested again in Vray as of lately.

As I understand 4 will no longer recieve updates or R21 compatability.
So the wait is now for 5 first to be debuged and then prepared for R21. I see there are some issues still with 5 and I assume a R21 version is still a little further on the horizon than "soon".

I love the daily builds that are actually unique for Corona as far as I know. Keep them coming.
I have not worked with a daily build that was useless so far. I often find the the added features very usewful even before the official release. I can always download he stable release when ever I like.

Does this daily 5 build by an change run on C4D R21 ?

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