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[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Daily Build June 12 on Mac Studio
« on: Yesterday at 10:25:13 »
Usually the daily builds were very reliable so it's a bit frustrating those days are over. But I do understand daily builds are meant for a few hobbyists who love to try stuff to see if it works.

I am sure the Corona team will solve this issue otherwise it's the end for Corona for Cinema4D. Wonder if this is just a OSX problem.

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Daily Build June 12 on Mac Studio
« on: 2024-06-16, 00:18:10 »
Just tried to import a Maxtree asset (legacy meterials) with the daily build 12, a 9 Mb file with a few rather small jpg maps as textures.
Took about half a minute to open. The C4D project asset inspector could find all the maps. No need to relink. The maps are within a subfolder in the same folder as the file itself.

Then installed CR 11. The same Maxtree asset opened instantly. Less than a second. But the C4D project asset inspector could not link the maps even as I pointed to the exact location. Although all corona materials looked fine including the maps. Rendered fine too.

With the daily build 12 I can no longer use my assets. Importing a bunch of plants will probably take hours and eventually might even crash my system.

The problem has most likely nothing to do with the C4D asset browser. It's probably just a problem with the path to the right location of the texture maps at opening a file. It seems to me very simple to solve.

The attachment is the instantly opened file with CR11 installed with the broken links (C4D project asset inspector) that are not actually broken.

I have decided to stop using daily builds. I am getting the feeling things are going backwards.

Mac Studio M1
OSX 14.5
C4D 2024.4.1

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Daily Build June 12 on Mac Studio
« on: 2024-06-14, 00:08:55 »
I am getting a bit worried the issue with older files or files with C4D assets gets solved or not.

I haven't had this problem anymore. But I no longer work with the daily builds 12 since I can't open files with it.
I will let you know when it happens again. I do get a crash every time I quit C4D after rendering (CR11).

[C4D] Daily Builds / Daily Build June 12 on Mac Studio
« on: 2024-06-12, 19:08:12 »
I did a quick test with the latest build June 12:
• Files don't open made with 11 or so slow that I decided to force quit. This problem remains.
• New VFB 2.0  looks better but does not work ( well ) on a Mac Studio Ultra. Zooming in and out is a hassle to keep the image properly within the window. C4D picture viewer works well though.
• C4D crashes after quit. Not sure if this is related to CR. It also crashes after quit with 11.

Build 12 is not functional yet on a Mac Studio OSX Sonoma 14.5 and a fully updated C4D.
Downgraded back to release 11.

Gallery / sketch for a small apartment building
« on: 2024-05-18, 01:31:42 »
I got a basic 2D layout for an apartment building and a budget of a days work to design the exterior materials, build the 3D model and some terrain and provide for two renders.
I used Chaos Cosmos 3D humans and was surprised how good some of them are. Some are very bad though but some are really very good. Zoom in on the old man reading.

Something was a bit weird. Even though the CR-camera lens was not all that wide angle (50 to70mm) I thought the camera view seemed still very wide, much wider than I expected. Some setting must be wrong or I am just imagining this.

Just tried the current daily build (15 05). Had to go back to 11 though.
I could not open the test file or the original on my Mac Studio harddrive with the current build 12. Regardless of missing textures, with CR11 the same files open instantly. The testfile is not an older file but a project I just started a week or so ago.

Treid the 15 may build.
I could open my testfile with the 15 may build, the one I send to Benjamin, in about 7 seconds on my Macbook air m1. On my Mac Studio it opened instantly with CR 11. Will try at the office how the latest build does with my Mac Studio.

I did notice that the testfile I send to Benjamin (saved project with assets) had lots of mappings missing in the exported tex folder. See attachment. On my Macbook these materials render black. I only noticed because I open this test file on my home MacBook Air. At the office on my Mac Studio I did not notice jpeg maps where missing in the export file.

Somehow Coronarender materials with a certain bitmap path don't export at saving a project with assets. That might explain as well the long opening times.

Hi Stefan,
Has Tile Pro been updated to the latest C4D and CR11 ?

Thanks John, love the script. Works very well. Super easy. Makes the asset browser usable again with Maxtree assets.

Problems with the asset browser ? I have stopped using the C4D asset browser.  Maxon has made an overly complicated mess of the asset browser.
Example, I use Maxtree vegetation. For each placed Magnolia tree from the asset browser which has the same Magnolia CR material for all different Magnolia trees, C4D will still generate a new material slowing down everything.
My own libraries are much better organised than what I can do in C4D's browser with less effort without having to duplicate asset files in C4D asset libraries.
Chaos Cosmos works fine though which for me has become one of the reasons to stick with Corona for now.

I am sure the file loading problem will be solved soon as well. After which I will use the latest build for production again.
Maybe best not to spend too much time on solving issues with daily builds. That's work for Chaos.

I have prepared a file that does not open in CR12 current build, at least I did not wait for it. With CR 11 it opens instantly.
I will send a PM with the link. Let me know when you got it Benjamin.

I saved the file with assets and tested it on my Mac Studio. With build 11 all is fine, current build 12 not so much.

[C4D] Bug Reporting / crash after rendering a lot of passes
« on: 2024-05-06, 11:39:58 »
I often have a crash after rendering for a long time, hours or days with passes exceeding 500 or more.
See attachment for a crashreport.
In this case the rendering was great but could not be saved. Wireless keyboard and mouse became unresponsive and had to connected them with wire to find my way back to the finder. Cinema4D kept rendering (activity monitor) but without any response for the menu's so I could not save the file and had to force quit.

Also, after any CR render C4D crashes at quitting the app. It does not matter much but still.

C4D 2024.4.0 and Corona render 11 hot fix 2
Mac Studio OSX 14.4.1
128Gb about 80Gb used at render.

Hi Tuami
did you try the latest build. I think that's what the team asked.
I did try the latest bulld and the problem of stalling files persists.

I understand frustrations with things not working but that's what daily builds are for. To test. Not for production although I often do.
I worked with Maxwell render for years and the usual practise was to have major bugs unsolved for years. Coronarender has the forum, daily builds and a properly working official release. Super happy with that.

[C4D] Feature Requests / Ivy generator for C4D/Coronarender
« on: 2024-04-29, 01:09:59 »
Might it be possible to have a Corona or Chaos Ivy generator for C4D with Coronascatter ?

C4D now has an Ivy generator for Redshift if you get the Maxon One subscription. I don't see myself getting a Maxon One subscription as well. Actually planning to scale down on subscriptions.

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