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crash on IR when status 'cleaning up'


Hi, since a couple days, I'm having trouble rendering in IR.

Cinema crashes when the number of configurated passes is done and the image is in cleaning up phase. if I set to 15, it crashes then showing 'cleaning up',
if I confige in render settings to go to 45 passes, it crashes then showing identical status.
It keeps rendering when set to 0 passes.

It happens only when working while rendering in IR.
So I start C4D, open a project, start rendering IR... all good.
now do anything like changing cameras or adding a boole for some ceiling cutouts, then when it reaches 15 passes: bam, crash

Already restarted my computer, and I have this issue on several projects and also on my colleages pc
I haven't installed anything new in the last weeks

is this a known issue? thanks for any help...

PS: win10 x64, 256GB Ram, AMD threadripper 3990X/3970X corona 11 HF1

First step, just to be sure to be using the latest version, is trying HF 2. If some scenes do not crash, worth trying to see what the difference is (do they use certain features, was one created and saved in an older version - might be worth installing HF2, opening the scene, saving it to a new copy, and then loading and trying that new copy).

After that, any crash report would be good, and an example scene that crashes for you, can best be done via ticket for privacy with the scene,


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