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Camera Was Removed???

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MircoTosti Studio:
Emmm... why ???

"Camera was removed, controls for tone mapping, bloom and glare and sharpening won't be synchronized."

Hi there, you have 2 Corona cameras in your scene, ''Camera'' & ''Camera.1''. The VFB is showing the settings from ''Camera.1'' and the camera tag settings are showing for ''Camera''.

MircoTosti Studio:
Hi Beanz, thanks for the reply.
So I think there is a bug with Corona VFB because it doesn't connect to the active camera!
My active camera is exactly the one in the image on the right and if I render in VFB it gives me another one.

MircoTosti Studio:
After you pointed this out to me, I verified that the VFB follows the linked camera (camera.1) but the tag associated with it attributes another camera to it and it is not known what it follows.
If it is associated with that camera, how can it link to another?

MircoTosti Studio:
I confirm what I wrote above and I believe it is a bug or something very anomalous.
In any scene, if you add a new camera via the "Corona Camera" button, the tag associated with it (Corona Camera Tag) is not linked to the active and belonging camera but is linked to another camera.
In fact the VFB info reports "Camera was removed.."
I attach another screen of what happens.


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