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[solved] Using Opacity mask in labels still cast shadows?



When I'm using opacity masks in a material to cut-away parts of a product label, then the cut-away parts still cast shadow onto the product behind.. My label renders correct when using the opacity mask, but shouldn't only the visible parts of the label cast shadows/reflection on the surface behind (not the the parts that have been cut-away)?

Any tips or tricks to make this work?

Parts of the mesh that are fully transparent should not cast shadows, nor be visible in reflections/refractions. Can you show problematic render so we can see the issue?

Hi @tennet,
Thank you for contacting us.
Could you please elaborate a bit more about the issue?
Additionally, please provide some screenshots or even screen recordings to illustrate the issue.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Thanks for your quick replies! 🙏 I managed to find and solve the problem myself, it was an user-error again.. I had applied the label material (with the opacity mask) only to the "front side" of the label object (only to the "polygon normal side"). Then I used a second WHITE material on the backside of the label, but the white material didn't have the opacity mask loaded... so then I guess the 'white backside material' was still casting shadows/reflections on the object behind the label, even if it was not visible.

When I deleted the white material OR loaded the same opacity mask to the backside material, then the shadows disappeared. Same if I changed so that the label material was applied to "both sides" (see screenshot).

Thanks again, but my mistake!

Hi @tennet,
Thanks for letting us know.
We're glad you found the root cause and that everything is fine now.


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