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Team Rendering - best way to make it faster


I have a Mac Studio running an M1 Ultra. I've been doing all my work on that as of late. However I have a fairly powerful ThreadRipper based PC sitting on my desk doing nothing at the moment so I thought I'd set up Team Render on that to help out in busy times.
So, I installed it on the PC and updated all the software (C4D and Corona) to the latest versions etc.
Got myself a scene that takes 3:45 to render on my Mac.
I opened it directly on the PC to see how quickly it rendered. Was about the same time, give or take 5 seconds.
So, I opened it again on my Mac and team rendered it. It took a fair bit longer.
I assume this is because assets are transferring across, etc, etc.?
This being the case, are there any things I can do to speed it up?
Is it just better in single frame circumstances to do single frame renders on a single machine?
If you do have suggestions for speeding up team renders please let me know!

TR has to send data back and forth, and depending on the resolution, the automatic settings may not work so well. You can change that in the Team Render tab, swap it to Arbitrated (experimental). If that alone does not work, you can tweak the settings by raising the Client Update Interval (data gets sent less often) and raising the Maximum Packet Size (amount of data sent in one go is larger). There are no hard and fast rules here, but I often try 30s interval, with 256Mb chunk size, if I am above an HD resolution.

I can confirm, that the manual TR settings inside the rendersettings do have a huge impact on renderspeed. I tried a lot lately and for me a setting of 60s/150mb works quite well. But as tom said, the settings depend a lot on your setup, network connection and so on. We are using teamrender server on our little farm ;) So the update interval can be set pretty high, since there is no live preview. I guess you have to play around with these settings a bit, to find the ones which fits best for your setup.



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