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Floating Licences


Hello. I purchased a floating licence so my copy of Corona can be used on multiple machines. I did this because my company is just starting to use it. There are two of us so I thought it would be useful to buy a floating copy so we can dip into it whenever something comes up. As and when we become more reliant on it I'll get an additional full licence.

However, this may not work - as the other seat would need to sign in as me? Is this correct?  We are just two designers. Two copies of Cinema 4D. Two different emails. Two different houses. He just works for me remotely.

Is there a way to do this for us? Or is this 'floating' licence just for me to work from different computers?

Hi there,

A floating license means that you can use it in the workplace and also at home for example. For a single user that is. Multiple users cannot log into the same license. If you have 2 in the team, then you will need 2 licenses.

Thanks! Much appreciated. :)


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