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color different in final render


hey everyone,

i came across a problem for my final render, which I couldnt solve.
As soon as I change the output ration to my final size, the color of my bitmap loses a lot of saturation. (see attached a snippet)

the settings are exactly the same.
Linear workflow in my project settings is activated.
and corona VFB setting is set to "use Cinema 4D color space"

Does anybody have a clue why that happened?
I have similar scenes set up where the problem does not occur.

Thanks in advance!!

What's the material set up for the big screen? Are the dots and other "tv screen" effects part of the image and it's a single bitmap, or part of layered shaders, or some sort of geometry? Since it seems to be the only thing affected and I am guessing it is not a simple single bitmap, how its set up is something we'd need to know to look into the cause.

Hey Tom.

thanks for your reply.
i'm sending you a screenshot from the material which is just applied to a plane surface

looking forward to hearing from you

Hi there, can you share your scene with us so we can look into it?

Hey there.

thanks for your answers.
I changed a few parameters in the light mix, the post tone mapping etc. to achieve the same look as in low resolution.
Still weird that it turned out differently in high res.


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