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Help optimising a scene (40 mins/frame)

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Nejc Kilar:

--- Quote from: caspian on 2023-05-09, 21:54:28 ---I'll remove the SSS on all but the rubber elements next time round.

What do you mean by 'lower the MSI to 1'? Where is this?

--- End quote ---

MSI = Max Sample Intensity, sorry for not being clearer with my earlier message.

You can find it in the Corona render settings -> Performance Settings under the Speed / Accuracy Balance compartment.

Thanks for your help. Things are speeding up.

My 2 cents:

1 - As far as I understand from the screenshots, you are using noise limit as the condition to stop your rendering. Try using pass limit or time limit. This way you will have better control over render time per frame, and it might turn out that the noise limit was resulting in an overkill (rendering more passes than needed to reach reasonable quality).

2 - In addition to the above, you can enable denoising. This way, you can render to an even lower base quality and still get acceptable results.

I always use denoising. But I will look at specifying passes instead as there are some frames in the middle of the animation that take double the time, which is probably to do with my noise specification.
Thanks for the tip.


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