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...these kind of maps?

These map include AO, metallic and roughness information.

Thanks for help.

Hi there, can you share more info on where you got them? Perhaps a link?

for example:

click on the burger menu right near the purple dornload button.

These maps seem to contain several information and I think they come from UE and/or unity.

I figured out, that this one colourfull map contains AO, metallic and gloss in RGB chanels. In Photoshop one can build his own maps... Or can we seperate the RGB chanels via a shader in Corona?

Is there some specific reason why you don't want to use separate greyscale textures and insist on using using packed texture instead? Corona does not have the tools to separate individual channels, but that should be possible to do with native DCC tools, at least in 3ds Max it's certainly possible.


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